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Do You Need to Worry About the Murder Hornet?

Posted by bamapestcontrol on May 27th, 2020

2020 probably is not the oddest year in the history, but it must come pretty close. On top of the deadly virus and all that means, out of northwestern Washington state comes news that Vespa Mandarina, aka, Asian Giant Hornet, aka, Murder Hornet, has arrived on the shores of the USA. Is this something that professionals in wildlife animal control in Mobile, AL, and as importantly, you, must worry about?

Here is what you need to know.

This is Not the First Time

Believe it or not, the Murder Hornet has been caught in the USA before. It also has been sighted in Canada and Mexico.

It Murders Honeybees Mostly

On top of the headlines being a little sensationalized, the bee itself is mostly a menace to honeybees. That is bad news for bees, but the beast would have to get a foothold in the USA and begin to make hives, which at this point, is a ways off.

Regardless, it can be deadly to honeybees. There are reports of as few as two Murder Hornets destroying entire hives of honeybees and as little as seven killing over 30,000 bees. Sadly, however, and further harming our faith in our fellow humans, Murder Hornets in the USA are not the scariest or most prevalent menace to honey bees.

The Honeybees are Fighting Back, Though

Like most things that survive in nature, honeybees are fighting back. In Japan, they have developed various methods of repelling Murder Hornet attacks, including swarming them and suffocating them as well as cooking them by raising the temperature in the swarm to higher than the attacker can tolerate.

That, of course, does not take into consideration Africanized honeybees. Besides being more protective of their hives, Africanized bees have shown the ability to launch coordinated attacks on invaders. The entire hive also attacks as opposed to non-Africanized honeybees, that usually only have about 10% of their hive attack.

What, Though, About You?

Thankfully, the Murder Hornet will not seek you out. Its stinger is awful and if you ever were to step on a nest, you would be in trouble. They are not, though, naturally aggressive towards humans unless they feel attacked.

Basically, where humans are considered, they are just like every other bee or hornet.

The Real Danger

The real danger to us is what a nationwide attack on honeybees would do to our food supply. Honeybees and heir byproduct, honey, contribute about B to the US economy, not counting all the pollinating they do, which we need in order to grow food.

So, wildlife animal control in Mobile, AL, will not likely have to deal with Murder Hornets anytime soon. Which in an odd way, is a rare bit of good news in these bizarre times.

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