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Reasons To Hire a NCAA Lawyer For Athletes

Posted by athletedefendermia on June 3rd, 2020

Completing one's education is of paramount importance to pursue a career that will help one to earn a livelihood. However, most students who come from families with limited means are not able to afford admission to reputed institutions as academics happen to be extremely pricey today. Sure, the meritorious students find it easy to get into institutions of their choice by earning scholarships based on merit. Still, others need to find alternative ways to further their education.

Many students are happy at the prospect of becoming a student-athlete wherein one needs to represent the school on the playing field and obtain a scholarship for getting an education at the said institution. NCAA undertakes the management of the system and has fixed regulations for students that must be met when they want to have the scholarship renewed every year. Trying to transfer schools midway through the session comes with problems of its own too. The management is often accused of maltreating the student-athletes who may find it convenient to get in touch with an experienced NCAA transfer attorney for proper representation.

Reading through the rules and regulations about transfer and waiver from NCAA is of paramount importance to retain the scholarship and continue one's education. A seasoned attorney is the best person to help when a student is asked to sit out for the rest of the year by the coach and NCAA. Being deprived of the scholarship money on account of the transfer can put the student in jeopardy. The legal representative would be able to check the facts and help the student-athlete prepare and file a petition to continue receiving the scholarship amount without a break.

Exceptions Made By NCAA for transfers

One time Transfer - This is usually the last resort available for the student as the regulations are particularly rigid, with most students failing to be eligible. An athlete who has transferred previously will not be considered for the waiver. Neither will students transferring to a community college due to being academically weak in the previous institution.

Graduate- This option applies to students who play a particular sport that is not acceptable by the one-time transfer rule. The athlete asking for this exception would have to meet all the criteria of the previously mentioned one-time transfer. Moreover, the said student must have completed the Bachelor's Degree in college and have a minimum of one season remaining for the competition. The previous school also needs to release the student without imposing any restrictions.

Discontinued Academic Program- Student-athletes can also hope for a transfer and be eligible for the scholarship at once when they had discontinued their academics midway but are willing to enroll in another school by applying for the same subject to major in.

There are several other criteria listed in the NCAA waivers/exceptions. It makes sense for the students or their family members to hire an attorney who is well-versed in present-day rules and skilled enough to be an able NCAA lawyer for athletes.

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