HTML5 Video Formats Are Great for Showing Videos on the Web

Posted by GiulyRotarry on December 2nd, 2012

HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) formats have evolved a lot over the past few years. HTM5 is a futuristic version of this mark-up language and the HTML5 video formats are now being widely accepted by the web programmers and developers and the reasons are obvious. This particular video format has made it way easier for the programmers to show videos on the web. This is because the previous formats were not compatible with web browsers. The newest format is revolutionary in many ways. It promotes multimedia and the programmers are facilitated to access pure JavaScript. Almost all the browsers have inbuilt HTML5 video format support. HTML5 video format has many advantages that are listed here below.

End users can control multimedia content

End users can easily control the multimedia content on the web if these are made in HTML5 video formats. They can save the videos locally and also can email these videos to their friends.  These videos are keyboard enabled. So an end user can fast forward or replay the videos whenever they wish. This is a salient benefit of HTM5 format.

No plug-ins required

Those who have been obtruded in the past from viewing YouTube videos that were created in older formats can recall how annoying it is to download a Flash Player or something just for watching a video. This is pretty daunting and the users have always wanted to get rid of these pesky issues. The HTML5 video format support enabled browsers they use enable them to watch videos without downloading any sort of plug-in.

Content can be managed easily

HTML5 video formats allow the end users to move, style, rotate, stack and manipulate the video content. This is one striking feature of HTML5 multimedia format which was totally missing in the previous versions. Users can easily manipulate the content as they wish.

Build your own controls

Note for the developers, you can now build and manage your own controls using CSS, JavaScript and HTML itself. Guess the tremendous advantages of having the customizable controls. And for this, you need not to know any other programming language and require not any new development environment. Every browser is compatible with this type of multimedia content and HTML5 video format support won’t be an issue altogether.

Simplified interaction

HTML5 multimedia formats also enable the developers and designers to make changes in the videos as well as other pages linked to it. Interaction with other sections of the website has become simplified like never before.

It can be predicted that HTML5 video formats will live through years to come. Till date, no better alternative has been designed and developed and recent trends indicate that the designers are cherry-picking the newest version for hundreds of advantageous aspects of the same, five of which have been stated afore. There are converters also available in the online marketplace. These software programs can help you convert a video to HTML5 format. If you want to reap the advantages of the HTML5 video format support offered by most browsers, you should convert your videos to HTML5. Next is here.

Want to try for free a converter to see how HTML5 video formats work? Why not download a free HTML5 video encoder today? We bet you would be amazed to see the HTML5 video format support of the futuristic software program we offer.

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