The Best Travel Tripods

Posted by camerakinguk on December 4th, 2012

A photographer’s gear is incomplete without a tripod. Whether he is travelling & clicking every day or be it a professional or amateur, a tripod is needed at all times. They prove invaluable for photographing, even in a lesser light.

A tripod is meant to be carried at various places so it must be lightweight. Yet, sturdiness is important because it is supposed to hold the camera steady for a long time. It should be able to carry the weight of big lenses and the camera body. Manfrotto tripods are probably the first tripods that one would wish to buy. However, some people may find those tripods out of their budget, or simply they might want to try out a different company for the same, so they should consider Velbon tripods.

The quality of tripod affects the quality of the picture. If the tripod is very sturdy and stable, then the picture will be clear and crisp. If the quality is bad, then the tripod might not give good results because it can move a little bit. Even a little movement can cause a blur in the image which spoils it.

Tripods should have adjustable height so that it can be used for various purposes, from macro to landscapes. It should be collapsible to a short height so that it can be carried easily. Portable tripods are used most in the long term, and they are a must have in any travel gear. Slik tripods also have all the necessary features, as well. They also come in a wide range of prices.

One other factor that is generally useful in tripods is the ball head. If the ball head is present, then it becomes a little easier to rotate the upper most part of it in any direction. Those tripods that do not have a ball head are comparatively cheaper.

For travellers, what matters most is the weight and convenience of handling along with the strong built. Some tripods even have a fourth leg for a better support. A whole lot of varieties of tripods are available on the internet that can be accessed easily by everyone. That variety can be shortlisted according to the price, weight, company, type of material and features etc. One can easily choose whatever features are required. It is also very convenient to buy them online because everything is well specified on the internet.

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