5. 5 Million People Have Played Saint's Row: The Third

Posted by aosot on December 17th, 2012

It doesn't necessarily correlate to copies sold or shipped, but THQ's rs gold president Jason Rubin tweeted that 5. 5 million people have played Saint's Row: The Third.

Rubin calls the game, "the hit nobody realized was a hit! " And those numbers apparently represent Saint's Row's popularity before the recent Humble THQ Bundle sale that offered the game at a discounted price.

The rating was what turned me away from it. I must protect the innocent eyes of the captain. *Sees the captain flirting with a random chick* CAPTAIN! Most fun I had playing a video game in 2011. Fart in a Jar, need I say more? One of the best games of 2011. Great game. Hoping for a 4th one sometime soon. Next gen would even be fine. source: gameinformer

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