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Mental health

Posted by Mords1944 on June 13th, 2020

It seems that sometime after World War I, real mental health became a luxury. The absence of any real mental illness like schizophrenia or dementia is certainly no longer an indicator of complete mental health. The rise in knowledge of human psychology that began in the 1960s has made this very clear.

Truth be told, even basic functionality can no longer be automatically assumed for a human being living in today's age. There are an unprecedented number of Americans and Europeans doing psychotherapy today; What started out as a fashion now seems to have become a necessity of daily life. The pressures of the rat race are overwhelming. The number of situations and triggers of mental disorders has multiplied significantly. Stress levels are extremely high.

Therefore, we are reduced to defining acceptable mental health in very broad terms. A certain degree of aberration is to be expected in almost all postmodern humans. Reasonable mental health, therefore, should be defined by the lack of serious disorders. A good standard for judging this would be that apparently used by health insurance companies, who are reluctant to pay for mental disorders that do not result in a complete collapse of the individual's normal life.

Illnesses that indicate a major disruption in mental health would today include bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or major depressive disorder. Other mental disorders that may or may not be considered a mere lack of fine-tuning by authorities may include obsessive-compulsive disorders, alcohol or drug addiction, or stress-induced nervous breakdown.

Mental health in the 21st century means a reasonable quality of life and functionality for people, despite the overwhelming odds against it.

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