Delineating the Accidents at work and medical negligence scenario in the UK

Posted by adairsawyer on February 11th, 2013

Accidents at work are not something new in the United Kingdom. They happen quite frequently taking a toll on the body and the mind of the victims. Apart from being physically affected and psychologically distressed, the victims of the UK work accidents are also financially affected. They lose working days and suffer the loss of wages. The good news is that in the instance of an accident at work, the victims can file a work accident compensation case if he has no contribution in causing the mishap. Like work accidents, instances of medical negligence also often take place in the United Kingdom. In case of a clinical negligence, the victim can file a clinical negligence case against the careless medical practitioner.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics, about 5, 91,000 workers became the victim of accidents at work in 2011-2012. Out of 5, 91,000 injuries, 2, 12,000 resulted in more than three days absence from work. The UK government is highly concerned to see the statistical report published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and is ready to take steps to reduce the number of mishaps at the workplaces. However, the HSE officials believe that no matter how much the government attempts to reduce the number of work accidents, it will not be able to fulfill its aim until and unless the employers take initiatives to eliminate the risks at work. Along with the employers, the employees also need to be cautious while working in a risk-prone zone. On the other hand, the physicians and other medical staffs need to be a bit more careful while diagnosing and treating a disease. The surgeons should not get distracted and execute the surgical procedures carefully and efficiently to avoid any kind of medical negligence.

Let us now focus on the prime contributors of accidents at work. Some of the chief reasons behind the workplace mishaps include:

•             Insecure system of work

•             Faulty equipment

•             Lack of training to operate work equipment

•             Inadequate supervision

However, in medical negligence cases, it is primarily the fault of the doctors or other medical staffs that contribute to the suffering of the patient. However, in some clinical negligence cases, it is the use of faulty equipment that led to the disaster.

Whether you are a victim of an accident at work or have suffered from a medical negligence, make sure you avail the services of a professional solicitor who would guide you throughout the court proceedings and represent the case in the court on your behalf. There are several complicated areas of law that need to be considered while filing a work accident claim. Thus, it is better to consult a solicitor who has the knowledge of how to successfully deal with your case. It is always recommended to do a thorough research before choosing a solicitor.

If you are in search of a solicitor to handle your work accident case, try to find a lawyer who has expertise in handling the cases involving accidents at work. A clinical negligence lawyer would better handle a case involving a clinical negligence.

Both accidents at work and medical negligence cases are unfortunately not that uncommon in the UK. If you have sustained either of the two, you can and seek legal help from a team of solicitors.

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