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Posted by Ecareindia on March 2nd, 2013

One of the key factors that contribute a great deal to a healthcare facility’s proper revenue cycle management is patient payments. Many healthcare facilities and physicians overlook this crucial factor time and again without understanding the fact that it might seriously impact their revenue figures one day. We cannot simply attribute this neglect of patient payments to carelessness, but one must understand that they too have work pressures and administrative complications. To be in fine fettle, it is essential that they seek a medical billing company’s help to post patient payments and clear the AR. Let’s see in detail the various categories of patient payments and what complications they create if not documented properly,


  • Co-pays: It is a small portion of amount, which is paid by the patient during a doctor’s visit. The co-pay amount varies as insurance policies vary.    
  • Deductibles: It is the amount that a patient has to pay at the start of the policy year before he/she could enjoy the insurance policy’s benefits. Once the deductible is exhausted, the insurance company takes over as per the policy.  
  • Co-insurance: Once the deductible gets exhausted, the patient is liable for paying a share of the provider’s bill, which is usually 20%.
  • Out-of-pocket maximum: Co-insurance is paid until the patient meets his/her out-of-pocket maximum. Once it is met, the insurance company bears the amount for all the covered services to the policy maximum till the year end.

A healthcare facility’s revenue cycle management highly depends not only on the maximum reimbursement from Payers but also the amounts derived from patient payments. If the above mentioned patient payments are not collected properly, then they can add up to quite a big loss for the healthcare facility.

Collected but not Updated: Sometimes, patient payments might be collected but hospitals and healthcare physicians would have failed to intimate them to the billing companies. Consequently, the AR report shows an inflated figure, indicating a loss. An offshore medical billing company like e-Care India can come to the rescue to relieve physicians, groups and healthcare facilities from this crucial problem. It not only keeps a regular check on the patient payment collections but also posts them on time so that the AR is kept under tight control.   

About e-Care India:

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