Read The Reviews Before Booking A Car Hire In Crete

Posted by Cretarent on April 13th, 2013

Crete is loaded with mythology which is mostly associated with the ancient Greek Gods but also related with the Minoan civilization. In a nutshell, Crete is a place where anyone would want to come again and again. It is usually better to rent from international companies which are well known and are least likely to cause you any type of inconvenience. The offers of big corporation car hire companies in Crete might be really tempting but it is better to avoid them if one can. Some companies are more likely to overcharge people, especially in case of an accident, but can overcharge on other things too, which you won’t be able to deny. Tourists are advised to read the Google reviews before booking a car because in some instances the cars may turn out to be literally just pieces of metal that you won’t be able to start; and then they would take so much time in reaching you and you might be stuck somewhere you don’t want to be while they repair your broken car.

The reviews mainly tell tourists to book their car before reaching Greece and that way a tourist might be able to have a better deal on the price as well as the quality of the car. Good car hire companies in Crete have a variety of cars to choose from, so that you can pick a car which meets your requirements in a better way. Sometimes big car rental companies might not be as friendly and accommodating if you ask too many questions or are fussy about things, because they have too much work waiting and they cannot waste their time trying to please someone when they can get so many orders even if they let you go. Small car hire companies in Crete then turn out to be friendlier so that they get good reviews and the demand for their services, and as a result, their cars, increases. Car hiring can really be easy when a tourist has a list of reviews by different people on different car hire companies. The reviews make the decision of choosing a specific company trouble-free as all the pros and cons are there in front of you and you can judge a company by the reviews it is getting. The promptness, quality and price are the factors which everybody considers when deciding on a company. It would be better for your pocket and your health to read the reviews on Google before hiring a car!

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Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent

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