Various uses of waterproof stickers

Posted by johnallanes on April 18th, 2013

Most of the waterproof stickers are made of vinyl, as it is 100% weather proof. Water does not pose any problem if you use good quality ink. Stickers are made from different materials. Even if your sticker is made of glossy laminated paper, chances are that it may not be waterproof. Such stickers turn to mush once exposed to water and are suitable to be used indoors. On the other hand, vinyl stickers are made of PVC (poly vinyl chloride), which never fades away from exposure to water and other weather conditions. So, if you plan to use stickers for outdoors, it is suggested that you stick with vinyl. They are excellent for marketing and promotional material.

Waterproof stickers are used for bumpers, boats, street poles, beverage bottles etc. These are also used to label outdoor equipment and tools, scuba diving gear. These are durable and come with a permanent waterproof acrylic adhesive, thus enabling them to stick to any surface like glass, metaletc. Maintainece of waterproof stickers is very easy. Just wash them with a mild soap diluted in water and voila! They are as good as new. You should refrain from using any strong solvents on these stickers. These stickers have great aesthetic value because they come with a glossy laminated finish. However, the longevity depends upon the wear and tear the sticker is subjected to.

If you keep washing it continuously or it is exposed regularly to rain, snow etc., then both the laminate and adhesive may wear off. These stickers are a great idea to personalize and breathe some color and life into your regular stuff For example; you could use personalized stickers to mark your dishes, laundry etc. These are dishwasher and laundry safe and can easily stick on clothes, dishes, laundry etc. These can be made to any size and cut to any shape. These are vinyl stickers, thus are non-fading and tear resistant. Since they are durable, they happen to be cost effective in the long run. Most of the stickers are printed in ultra-high resolution that makes them glossy and bright.

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