Epic?s Unreal Engine 3-powered Epic Citadel tech demo running in browsers via HT

Posted by e280668993 on May 6th, 2013

Well this is impressive. Not so much for demo itself but for the buy tera gold possibilities the technology opens up. Collaborating with Mozilla, the team at Epic have somehow managed to squeeze their Unreal Engine-powered Epic Citadel tech demo onto browsers, without relying on plugins or added components. You can check it out here – er, if you have the recent nightly build of Firefox. It’s currently not working in Internet explorer or Chrome, but hey, the road to the Future is never smooth.

The port was completed in four days, using HTML5, Javascript, WebGL, and other things that i don’t quite understand. Epic Citadel was originally released on iOS back in 2010, to demonstrate the potential of the platform. You can see it in action below, or head here to try it out for yourself.

It's a demo that was optimized for iphone 3gs and they got it running on PC. This isn't impressive, it's just the wrong technology for 3D games.

Epic, make a plugin that a user can install with 2 clicks like Unity, THAT's how 3D browser games should work. You'd get full DirectX11 support and almost native performance.
source: pcgamer

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