Dog aggression and its effects

Posted by adairsawyer on May 18th, 2013

Having a dog as a pet is just wonderful. Even statistics show the fact that having a pet has many health and mental benefits. It is no wonder, as life simply is better when you have a lovable and furry friend around. But there are situations in which dog aggression can become a serious matter and even though the signs might be insignificant at first, in time they can grow and living with such a dog can be very dangerous. An aggressive dog is definitely not what owners want, although there are certain breeds more prone to it. With the right training and care, such a complication can be resolved.

Many owners seek help for dog aggression within trainers, behaviourists and so, because aggression is one of the most serious and dangerous problems that dogs face. There are various reasons that can lead to an aggressive dog and it can occur in many situations. There are some warnings at first, to which owners should pay a lot of attention, because if they go untreated, they can lead to a possible attack. There are a few signs that can let owners know about the situation of their dog and these include mouthing, growling, showing teeth, the dog can become very rigid and still out of the sudden, can bite out of the sudden leaving marks on the skin, repetitive bites and more.

There is not an exact sequence that an aggressive dog will follow, but most of these signs will appear at some point. There are many cases in which owners did not pay attention to any of the signs just until they were bitten. It is best to evaluate the situations that upset your dog, when did it appear for the first time? In what circumstances? What was happening during that time and what helped stop the aggression? Paying attention to these questions will make a difference and will let you know exactly where does dog aggression come from.

Actually, there are several types of dog aggression and each type has its own characteristics. For example, territorial aggression is one of the most common types. When someone or another animal gets within its territory, the dog will begin to defend it, even barking and biting. Some dogs only show territorial aggression when other people come into the owners’ homes or when other animals enter. It is not the case of puppies, as they are rarely territorial, but such a behaviour can occur when they are one year old, or up to three years old.

Possessive aggression is another fair example that an aggressive dog can reveal. It is usually related to their food, but it can be towards their toys, such as chewing bones and so on. When someone gets near their food bowl or around them when dogs eat, they can show aggression, meaning they are protecting their food and don’t want anyone near. In this case, both puppies and adults are prone to possessive aggression.

If you think your dog suffers from dog aggression, then you should take the necessary means as soon as possible. Living with an aggressive dog can be dangerous and at some point, the dog can easily snap.

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