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Candy crush, one of the most played games of Android users, has entertained millions of people round the globe. After a tiring day this game amuses everybody whether he is a kid or a youngster. While playing the game you may have lost it thousands of times by hitting a wall at some point or other. Every day you try to somehow save those precious five lives to get beyond the current level. Though, it wouldn’t have been so easy to get through.

It is said that a good start leads to a good end. Often luck plays its essential role on this part. You get a bad start and thus lose the game at some or the other point. But, here are a few tried and tested methods that will help you go beyond the candy crush level. If you want to win each level you face and reach to the final as early as possible then go through the level guide mentioned below to know how the tricky game can be easy for you.

Target Score plus Time Limit

Whatever match or level you are playing the key thing to observe is to keep your eyes open for the special candies on the screen. The moment you see the special candies try as hard as possible to get them because the extra time they offer you helps you a lot. The more time you have for playing, more is the probability of winning. These candy crush level tips are surely going to help you a lot.

Bring Down Ingredients

When you see an ingredient on the game board makes numerous vertical matches to let it drop down and get it off the screen. Try to make special matchups while you are struggling hard to get the ingredients. This sometimes turns lucky and you will go beyond the current level in no time.

Clear All Jelly

The target score that is shown at every level should not bother you. Instead you must focus on clearing all the jelly that will help you meet the score requirement. If there are jellies both at the top and bottom of the screen, firstly clear the bottom ones because this way you can make chain reactions that the candies on the top will drop down to make auto matches and get cleared off. You can look for candy crush level guide on internet that will help you go across the levels easily to win the game in the least possible time.

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