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Find the right mattress for you

Posted by BiancaMattress on July 25th, 2020

Size Matters

We all have different body types, sizes, height and weight. We differentiate between ourselves with the help of our fingerprints, the clothes we wear, shoes and various different things that we use are all made to suit our body type. So why is it that with mattresses, we do not follow the same pattern?

One-size-fits-all is very specifically with mattresses can lead to different physical problems. Very common factor like neck pain and backache is what tenses the mattress that we use is not suitable for our body. We need to use different mattresses and adjust the form of the mattress to be able to get a restful night sleep.

Single bed Mattress:

We often end up alluding to ‘the buy single bed mattress online’ craze can we see all these ads that are present on the internet. While single bed mattresses are comfortable, they are generally used for teenagers. The size of a single bed mattress will generally not be comfortable for a full grown adult. The Single of single bed mattress is generally 91cms in width and 197cms in height. This is the most common bed size for children and for kid’s beds.

Different mattresses have different sizes so that people are able to sleep comfortably on them. While single bed mattresses and double bed mattresses are pretty common in children's bedrooms and the guest rooms. Most people prefer to have a king size mattress or a queen size mattress once they are a full grown adult. You can now days easily find queen size mattress online.

Queen size mattresses:

Queen size mattresses are larger than single bed mattresses. Queen size mattresses or ideal for couples who prefer to sleep a bit closer. Queen size mattresses are bigger than the regular size mattresses they still can be smaller for couples who prefer to sleep with the distance from each other the size of a queen size mattress is generally 60 inches wide and 80 inches in length. Due to their popularity you can easily find queen size mattress online.Still this is one of the most popular mattress sizes and it is comfortable size for everyone including the single slippers and people who have partners. This mattresses can also fit into most master bedrooms without it feeling cluttered. If you wish to look at some queen size mattress online you can search for them on our website.

King size mattresses:

King size mattresses are the largest size of mattress that is available commercially. King size mattresses are best for couples or individuals who like a lot of space to stretch out. However, we should keep in mind that a king size mattress is the largest size, so you definitely need a larger room as it will not fit into smaller master bedrooms. King size mattresses usually have the dimensions measuring at 76 inches wide and 80 inches in height this makes it one of the biggest mattresses. Due to their growing popularity you can find king size mattress online.

Luckily enough, there are now many different brands selling king size mattresses online and at very good rates. When buying king size mattress one must always keep in mind that this is a very big mattress and you should always keep the dimensions in check before ordering one.

The size of mattress is important when we decide what we should sleep on. A mattress that is too small is going to obstruct all movements that you could make in your sleep or if you are somebody who likes to stretch. It is good to buy a mattress that is bigger than you need as this will allow you to stretch when you lay down. You can find a range of queen size mattress online at our online store. But it is important to select the size that you feel comfortable with and try it out. To know more you can visit us at

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