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Posted by GiulyRotarry on June 22nd, 2013

Do you know what Cobub Razor is? Would you like to obtain a lot of information about mobile analytics systems that can enable you to check the statistics of mobile apps through app analytics reports? Then you are invited to Cobub Developer Center, namely! You will truly find online whatever interests you!

What exactly is Cobub Razor? Cobub Razor represents an amazing and 100% reliable open source mobile analytics system, which allows developers of Apps to assess the statistics of mobile applications through en-detail reports. More for that, it represents an alternative solution of Flurry Analytics, Google Analytics for Mobile and so on and forth. If you want to know more about it, then simply go to Cobub Developer Center’s well-organized website, namely! For instance, you can find out that this mobile analytics system represents a self-hosting open source product, its main purpose is to enable you to create your own app analytics by making use of your very own database.

Furthermore, if you did not know yet, Cobub Razor allows you to integrate the information from other systems or to collect mobile apps’ data. In order for you to install the server side of this mobile analytics, you must follow the steps from! Here is how it works: first of all, you ought to download Cobub Razor (due to the fact that it is continuously in development, in order to get the latest codes, you are required to download the developing version from github), go through the “Install Requirements”, read the “How to Install Cobub Razor Web Server” section and also setup a scheduled task on server in order to make sure that all the data is automatically processed from the production database to the data warehouse (from which all app analytics reports are created).

 In the “Cobub Razor Install Requirements”, you will be able to read about the conditions that need to be satisfied in order to run this app analytics system, namely the PHP version 5.2.6 or greater or the MySQL version 5.0 or greater. It is advised that you use at least PHP 5.3 due to the fact that it is much more memory efficient than any former PHP versions. What is more, whenever you try to install Cobub Razor, you have to know that you will need to specify a MySQL account, as well as a password. Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that any MySQL user must gain permission to make or change tables in the database and to also select, insert, update, delete etc.

In order to run this open source mobile analytics system, you will need to create a script and, if you would like to get the simple instructions on how to schedule a task for Windows or Linux, then you will have to go online, to Cobub Developer Center’s website ( There are in total five scripts, namely runHourly, runDaily, runWeekly and runLaterData.

Would you like to know more about mobile analytics systems, like Google Analytics for Mobile, Flurry or Cobub Razor? Then you ought to visit! You will surely find here a ton of information about app analytics systems!

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