Pure, Constant Bliss

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

I want to suggest in this short article that every person who lives, has ever lived and who will ever live, not only has bliss within themselves, but in fact actually is bliss itself. What I mean by this is that a person in his/her purest nature is a totally happy person. However, very few people feel the bliss that they, in fact, have within themselves. The reason for this is because people have the misconception that to achieve the happiness that they want in their lives, they must first obtain certain things that will in turn bring happiness into their lives. Most people believe that once they have their dream house , their dream car, their ideal companion, their ideal profession, and possibly a few other little "things" in life, then they will feel the happiness that they're pursuing. The fact of the matter is, having "things" doesn't produce the happiness that the person is pursuing. This is evidenced in the fact that so many people who possess many nice things still want more; the feeling didn't materialize when the material possessions were obtained. Not only do nice possessions fail to produce the bliss that a person seeks, in fact, material things get in the way of a person's ability to experience bliss. When a person is focused on obtaining the things that they think will make them happy, and then find that the happiness isn't there once the things are in their possession, that person has to then admit that their time and energy were wasted on the things they pursued (because they only pursued these things in the pursuit of happiness). When a person pushes aside the distracting things they've been focused on, then they can find the natural, already existing peace they have within. If a person were to make the very feeling (of happiness, peace, bliss, etc.) the target instead of making "things" the target, then that person is guaranteed to feel that desired feeling, once the target is achieved. So how does a person go about making the actual feeling of pure and constant bliss their target and then take the necessary steps to achieve their target? There is information surrounding "manifestation" that can answer this question and provide further valuable insights for peaceful lives. Make it a point to begin today to clear your life of distractions and uncover your natural, pure and constant bliss.

I hope this article helps in a peaceful and enjoyable way.
Joe Clinton.

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