San Antonio Foundation Repair

Posted by tedmark on July 20th, 2013

Choose the structural engineers from A-1 Engineers that can help you with San Antonio Foundation Repair. If you are selling, buying or refinancing a building, you will probably need a structural engineering inspection. Read everything about Foundation Repair Austin TX on our website. You can find there the hours of operation to know when to contact us.

We are working very fast in providing a structural engineer report but all our services are of quality. We have already worked with banks, mortgage brokers, realtors and homeowners and we offer our services in industrial, commercial and residential areas. You can find many more information regarding San Antonio Foundation Repair and Foundation Repair Austin TX on our website where we even have articles which you can read and understand our services better.

If you need to build a house, any type of building or a construction of any sort then for sure you will need a structural engineer. The foundation is the building element with the role of transmitting the loads of the construction to the foundation soil. The foundation type, its dimensions and reinforcement are critical elements. A foundation designed or constructed wrong endangers the entire structure of the house, and subsequent repairs are difficult or impossible to execute. Depending on the foundation soil, the superstructure and other factors, there are many types of foundations: strip foundations under the walls, structural insulated pole, general foundation plate which appears under the entire construction around, pile foundations - provided if the land for the foundation is weak, the foundation stage or some combinations of them.

If you want our San Antonio Foundation Repair or our Foundation Repair Austin TX, all you have to do is give us a call and we will schedule an appointment. Call us first, before you call other companies because they will probably give you a false report, saying that the foundations needs repairing but even if the foundation has cracks in it, it does not necessarily mean that you will have to hire an engineer to repair it. We are unbiased in giving you the report because we do not win anything if your foundation needs repairs. We are not contractors, thus we do not receive any type of commission.

We can offer a structural foundation inspection or assessments for commercial and residential real estate transactions or assessments for concerned homeowners considering foundation repair. Moreover, we can offer design, assessment and inspection of “retrofits” for modular homes, of wood decks or patios, of pier and beam residential foundations, of all foundation types for new construction, of retaining walls constructed with heavy timber, concrete masonry units, cast in place concrete or segmental walls or of wood, steel, concrete and heavy timber framing for roofs, walls or floors.

Are you interested in San Antonio Foundation Repair or Foundation Repair Austin TX? Then give us a call and we can offer you our structural engineering services. You can find our schedule if you care to enter our website and read all about our company and our services.

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