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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on July 20th, 2013

Every person from any corner of the world knows what a real piece of art is, but only some of the people who show interest in this domain are able to cherish it properly. Art is a form of expression, a representation of life and emotions, in which the artist puts its best features, in order to create something unique and pleasant to the eye. The African art, for example, is a great example of art which has been preserved in a very good way for lots of centuries. However, nowadays things have changed, the world has evolved, along with the human beings and their preferences, and the traditional art from the past has changed into contemporary African art, which is much appreciated in the modern times.

Due to the fact that the African art is one of the most incredible types of art from all over the world, which dates long before our times, it is much cherished by people from each and every continent, who knows how to distinguish a special piece of art from a mediocre creation. There are traditional pieces of art and modern ones that are present in the African culture. The first ones can be usually found in a museum, very well preserved after lots and lots of years. If you are interested in seeing some of these creations, you should go visit such a museum dedicated to the African art.

In the meantime, the tastes of the people have changed, as they have evolved as individuals, along with the technology. This evolution has produced a serious change in people’s perception about the world and about culture and art, which is why artists have decided that it is time to change something in the way they worked, so that their creations will be appreciated in the future too. The contemporary African art is the new form of art created by the artists from Africa, who thought that the new works of art will be on anyone’s liking, due to the modern lines and techniques which have been used in the process of creation.

If the traditional pieces of African art are being held in museums, these fresh and modern-looking works of art are being exposed in exhibitions, most of the time, by the artist that have created them. Nowadays, due to the fact that we use the Internet more and more for each and every little thing in our lives, some people have considered that an E-store with some of the finest pieces of art which are both vintage and modern is a great idea. Karibu-store will be launched in the month of November 2013, with the aim of promoting the great art of African artists.

All in all, if you are a lover of the African art, especially of the contemporary African art, you should wait patiently for the launching of Karibu-store, because you will definitely be pleasantly surprised by the numerous pieces of traditional and modern art that you will find there.

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