The Importance of CRT Glass Recycling

Posted by computerrecycle50 on August 20th, 2013

The CRT or cathode ray tube is a technological device which comprises electron guns for emission and fluorescent screens for projecting and displaying the images. These have found wide applications especially in computers and televisions which have specific display requirements depending upon the resolution and size of the screen. In this context it must be observed that the modern monitors of computers and televisions use far more advanced technologies which have replaced the CRTs on many occasions. These CRT glasses need to be recycled properly when out of order as these glasses are the ones which bar the harmful x ray emissions especially in consumer products.

CRT glass recycling has become important as these components have been actually ousted by the modern LCD and LED technologies. Research reports state that millions of tons of CRT televisions are likely to be outdated in the coming few years and thus would be requiring recycling. The old CRT glasses would have no use since new CRTs are also not manufactured. Hence better and economical solutions are constantly been introduced with an innovative outlook. In this regard certain eminent organizations such as Consumer Electronics Association and Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and many recycling companies have come forth with environmentally sustainable solutions.

Taking a cursory look into the procedural intricacies of CRT glass recycling it can be observed that the companies offering such services emphasize on safety and proper cleansing so as to ensure that the recycled glass is fit for further use in other industries. Safety and security is of utmost importance as these CRT components are reactive and emit x rays which are shielded by the glass. Certain companies have strict restrictions and reservations as to which products they would be recycling and which not; hazardous, explosive, inflammable or corrosive materials, etc.

There are certain economic implications of CRT glass recycling as well. Proper recycling techniques and their implementation helps in reducing landfill space especially for non renewable substances which are detrimental to the environmental sustainability of the environment. Customers who find it difficult to access the modern LED or LCD technologies can afford consumer durables like televisions and monitors at affordable rates; these equipments being manufactured with recycled CRT components. Especially in the context of computers this has vast applications and benefits. Recycled CRT glasses can be used in the used computers of institutions like schools and correctional facilities and energy conservation in manufacturing plants, etc.

CRT glass recycling is important due to a transition to more advanced technologies and it benefits various other industries as well.

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