CRT Glass Recycling

Posted by computerrecycle50 on September 13th, 2013

Gone are the days when recycling the waste just meant recycling biodegradable waste only. The new age mantra in this direction with the same purpose of conserving nature is e-recycling. Several countries across the world have made this eco-friendly cause, their business. True that!

These companies recycle or reuse the Glass CRT monitors that have been dumped in landfills without being segregated or collected. Realizing the fact that these days hardly people or rather consumers buy the tube TVs, the trend has changed and they have switched to flat screen LCD and LED monitors.

This noble mission cum business of CRT Glass Recycling covers a wide range of dumped products wiz computers, TV, refrigerator. Seldom do we realize that improper disposal of obsolete this electronic waste in landfills or dumping grounds releases deadly toxins like Zinc, Copper, Cadmium etc. into the soil. The scale of need for recycling can be judged by the fact that about 57 million Computers and TVs are bought annually in US. Think globally, you would get mammoth numbers!

This method of CRT Glass Recycling contains the following steps:

CRT Dismantling: This method includes separation of bare CRTs from its enclosure.  This needs to be done manually as the cathode ray needs to be intact for the next stage.

Once the bare CRTs are removed, its components wiz plastic, copper, printed circuit board and steel, these are sold in secondary markets or local electricians.

Next stage includes separation of lead-bearing glass from the clean glass. To isolate the glass types with unprecedented accuracy, the glass separation method should be highly effective.

Another useful component i.e. the panel glass which is high in quality can be redefined and reused innumerably and in various applications for example including automotive, electronics, fiberglass and lighting industries.

The last stage including the process of smelting wherein the lead bearing funnel glass is heated to get a molten state and the lead can easily be extracted out of it. The lead after being taken out is processed and is sold as commodity.

This process does not result in formation of slag as in the case of traditional methods. Hence, the new glass can be processed and used in several other applications.

This method of CRT glass recycling does remarketing and reselling of end-of-life e-components is gaining popularity and fetching high returns and since it has become a business, the compulsion factor also comes. The business not only fetches profit to the businessmen but also saving nature.

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