How to Match Sexy Leggings to Make you Thinner

Posted by 7efashion on September 7th, 2013

Lead: Leggings winter essential fashion items do, but also a lot of girls favorite pants style, hop leggings can improve temperament also can wear a perfect body.

Fashion Matching LOOK1

Matching Skill: dark gray wool coat, loose version of type, the classic double-breasted design, college wind design, simple and good-looking, piercing British style, a little sweet taste, fashion and lively, oh. Leggings long white T-shirt, wearing leggings and black boots, casual and generous.

Fashion Matching 1

Matching Skill: hollow bat sleeve gown just enough to cover the arm fat, looming lined vest and a trace of skin, sexy. Dark blue leggings matches a white shirt with harmony, and modified legs lines.

Fashion Matching 2

Matching Skill: loose gray wholesale cheap clothing T-shirt simple and elegant, irregular hem cut express individuality. Is the most basic black leggings with a single product, was thin and stylish. Pieces of red shoes add a bit charming. 

Fashion Matching 3

Matching Skill: loose white shirt with a full neutral wind, peeped lined with a white T-shirt, enhanced sense of depth. Leggings are unique use of color, filling charming.

Fashion Matching 4

Matching Skill: Black babydoll, is simple and elegant, but just right to decorate the waist and abdomen lines. Watermelon red sweater can highlight youthful vitality. Polka Dot Printed Leggings retro and elegant. 

Fashion Matching 5

Matching Skill: ginger sweater wool ball to make printing on more three-dimensional shape, filling innocence. White skirt leggings false two covered buttocks awkward position, package hip design to show graceful curves. Silver Sneakers and red cotton cap is to play the role of Emphasis.

Fashion Matching 6

Matching Skill: black T-shirt match gray cotton cap, handsome, sexy strapless design without unduly exposed. Leggings fake two wrapped a sexy hip line.

Fashion Matching 7

Matching Skill:  yellow loose shirt lined white vest, wear clothing layering while giving vibrant feel. Delicate openwork lace leggings are exquisite workmanship, sexy.

Fashion Matching 8

Matching Skill: modal simple and elegant gray dress, bat sleeve design cover arm fat, waist design was thin and improve waist, A word skirt cover the buttocks defects. Star Leggings express individuality.

Fashion Matching 9

Matching Skill: simple and elegant black and white striped T-shirt, fake two leggings match short shirt even afraid embarrassment. Black and white shoes and T-shirts echoes the classic black and white with piercing is not the same fashion sense.

Fashion Matching 10

Matching Skill: black chiffon shirt with black vest, enhance sense of depth, filling mature Black chiffon cheap clothing online shirt short in front long design ingenuity. Stitching Leggings designed to break the dull and monotonous cool colors, black high-heeled shoes fish head and ankle handsome.

Fashion Matching 11

Matching Skill: "does not reward merit, reactive is a penalty", this is a new era of women's "reward and punishment Rules" redefinition. Nobody wants to bring pressure bottom of things, especially clothing. If only no over without too, bland, then your destiny can only be written in history. Gold velvet, set in an elegant, superior comfort in this respect it does not fall to add high quality velvet, stylish and elegant silhouette is your best partner to attend any occasion.

Fashion Matching 12

Matching Skill:  see more being wrapped thigh stockings, which had fleshy water child tired of watching. Whether it is true or false stockings through the meat, it is time to something new, let's look at a novel visual stimuli sleeping nerves. Plaid looming is very good stitching, unique retro pattern image of a grand debut in pantyhose, enough to dazzle America throughout the winter.

Fashion Matching 13

Matching Skill:  slender legs straight course, to show a show, but at a glance what the temptation to speak? Woman should know how to modesty, to show off the beautiful true. Want to keep his sight, we must make him feel boundless. Black seal cross laminated, reveal provocative and charming, attracting him as a beast-like glowing eyes.

Fashion Matching 14

Matching Skill:  dressing, first, to cover them, and second, to keep out the cold. Leggings added on top of this fashion aura. Personalized stitching design, PU texture side trouser propped up the overall silhouette. Not intentionally provocative, not deliberately conceal, but in the dress in the use of the most widely used.

Fashion Matching 15

Matching Skill: culottes Leggings unity of personality trend is now synonymous with each girl's wardrobe can be seen in its presence. Fake two-piece design, very private savings, with any style of clothes, shoes are very beautiful. Don’t worry about you can’t fit it if you think you are fat, you can wholesale plus size clothing online.


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