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Posted by audreytaylor on September 8th, 2013

Employers from everywhere are struggling to convince their workers to wear protective equipment at work in order to prevent accidents. When comfort seems the most mentioned reason, SafetywearPlus Ltd aims to provide only top quality safety equipment Barnsley that will help your employees feel good in their protective clothing. Safety footwear Barnsley is also designed to be highly resistant, while keeping your feet away from dangers.

When the danger of getting injured is hiding at every step in many work environments, it has become more than important to wear personal safety equipment. However, many people seem to be against this essential protective measure and ignore the advices given by those who only wish for their good. This situation continues to be a leading concern for employers and the statistics of work-related accidents are alarming safety professionals.

Only last year there were 1.1 million employees suffering from a work-related illness and over 100 000 other injuries were reported. The 172 people who died at work should raise an alarm for those who are working in dangerous environments. Almost £14 billion were spent on curing work-related injuries and treating workplace illnesses. Among some of the most injury-prone industries are: manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, hunting, transportation, and warehousing, as well as health care and social assistance. Other jobs that are more exposed to accidents are those of policemen, firefighters and nurses.

Seeing such high numbers, researchers have asked themselves what is the reason why people keep refusing to wear safety equipment when the stakes are so high? After a long survey, they discovered that almost 90 percent of the employers that participated at this research have observed their employees failing to wear protective equipment. The most common reason seems to be comfort, while some other answers received pointed out that safety equipment was not necessary for their tasks, that is was too hot to wear such clothing or that the equipment was unattractive looking.

But if you care about the safety of your workers and about the wellbeing of your own company, you should allow no exception and give an example to the others. The beginning is the most difficult part, but once they start wearing the equipment regularly, it will become a healthy habit. You will find low priced, yet very high quality personal safety equipment Barnsley at SafetywearPlus Ltd., a family owned business that collaborates with top producers.

Your workers will not only agree to wear this protective clothing and footwear, but they will also feel comfortable in it. The safety footwear Barnsley is carefully designed to protect your feet from heat, oil, acid or any other danger at work, while keeping your feet comfortable in a breathable lining.In order to meet the needs of every customer, the company provides a wide range of safety equipment Barnsley, including rainwear, winter clothing, Wellingtons and many others.

Discover which safety footwear Barnsleyis appropriate for your work environment and order the safety equipment Barnsley by filling out an online form!

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