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Many people do not know anything about NAVSUP, and many of those who do know are woefully short of the real service this organization does to US Navy, and therefore to the nation. Practically speaking, it is a command system, more precisely Naval Supply System Command that is headquartered at Mechanicsburg, PA. However, it is a nodal agency for maintaining supplies of materials and services to the naval forces across the globe. Now this is a herculean task easier said than done, but the hardworking and motivated workforce of NAVSUP makes sure that the fleets get what they need and when they need it, no matter which part of the world they are positioned.

All services of NAVSUP are classified under three main categories

NAVSUP currently employs nearly 25000 men and women drawn from both civilian as well as marine backgrounds and performs functions in many areas that can be broadly drawn ion to three categories namely weapons systems support, global logistics support, and sailor and family support. If we look at weapons systems support, we find that it involves not only material management but also supply chain management. It also includes providing warehousing services as well as engineering support services. All services that are included in this category carry the initials WSS to indicate that they are meant for weapons systems support.

The 2nd broad category of capabilities of NAVSUP is global logistics support. It is under this category that contracting services provided by NAVSUP are listed. Navy contracts are issued by this command system for all procurements and the good thing is that the organization is empowered to set its procedures and policies by itself. The details of navy contracts that are thrown open by the organization are there on the official website of NAVSUP. Vendors and companies that are capable of maintaining high standards of quality in their products and services get navy contracts from the organization every now and then.

Contracting abilities of NAVSUP are well known

The navy contracts from NAVSUP are meant to provide support to the Department of Navy (DON) as well as navy personnel and forces of allied nations on and offshore wherever they may be positioned. This contracting ability makes NAVSUP the head of all contracting activities that go on under the department of navy (DON). However, there are many more functions that are carried out by NAVSUP under the category of global logistics support. These include transportation services, fuels, services for handling of hazardous materials, logistics planning and coordination, and maintaining supply chain of ammunition.

Nearly 2000 companies and vendors are linked with the contracting activities of NAVSUP. The organization awards nearly 85000 contracts that include both small and big contracts suiting the needs and requirements of the navy and the navy personnel. Of course the organization makes a profit out of all such contracting activities. However, the entire income or profit is spent on boosting the morale of the naval officers, sailors, and their families. The money is spent on welfare and entertainment activities of naval personnel.

There are navy contracts between the navy and the NAVSUP, which eases the functioning of the navy.

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