2013 Japanese Fashion Causal Clothing Collocation Skills

Posted by 7efashion on September 26th, 2013

(1) Recommended Matching skill: flawless whiteT-shirt is simple and wild, avoiding bloated and cumbersome. Blue printing shorts are fresh and clean, giving bright refreshing feeling, but also bring out the white skin.

(2) Recommended Matching

Collocation skill: white japanese style clothing t-shirt with lotus leaf on the chest and the sleeves make you look thin, full upper body depression. Cotton shorts simple, generous, waist bow tie to add a bit cute.

(3) Generous fashion hollow lace organza plaid long-sleeved cardigan jacket

Plaid openwork lace with organza, will now Xiaou yarns continue to follow the great heat, very generous fashion. Simple round neck design elongated neck lines, showing off beautiful collarbone. Body bright diamond embellishment, three flower design, timely embellishment, delicate as Fan, not only can wear clothing with elegant intellectual taste, you can also wear a relaxed and casual feel.

(4) Fresh embroidered sleeve chiffon shirt

This is a very fresh and Fan Art chiffon shirt, women's gentleness will undoubtedly expose, clothing and body dotted white small green flower pattern is very delicate, like a summer pool duckweed, deemed grass baby's breath. Sleeve design was very considerate, do not worry seasonal exchange of cool earth feeling. Flounced cuffs weila, adding a small woman's elegant, green pants with a Slim 9 pants, echoing green embroidered jacket, very out of color, whether it is work or life of leisure are appropriate.

(5) Elegant knitted pullover argyle pattern  japanese women clothing T-shirt

Chic and elegant, all women want to have the temperament, intellectual simplicity is experienced years of baptism can only emerge charm, only without excessive decoration of the United States is often the most long-lasting beauty. This comfortable soft round neck pullover design, has a certain thickness, ideal for wearing autumn cool earth, tiny diamond lattice embossing machine simple personality, Older women who like simple pants can be used with an A-skirts, ultra praise to say!

(6) Fashion wear how with Shorty with autumn pictures for your reference

Edit Comment: dark blue dress has been with us from the summer come fall, its usefulness believe we can see how strong. Around in the breeze on a cool autumn scarf, put on a sweater as you can is very beautiful.

(7) Recommended Matching

Collocation skill: T-shirt strapless cut without showing a trace of over-exposure can also sexy, flounced sleeves modification of arm fat, but also add a bit cute. In the backdrop of a white T-shirt, printed shorts seem overly messy but a little more flavor.

(8) Recommended Matching

Collocation skill: simple T-shirt just bring out the whims denim shorts, black belt adds neutral charm, but also improve the waist, making a perfect body proportions better.

(9) Recommended Matching Collocation skill: big round neck cut to show sexy collarbone, sexy strapless design is a plus. Printed culottes is with little classical flavor. Culottes skirt with feminine design not only, but also to avoid the embarrassment emptied. Loose cut perfectly modified hip line.

(10) Recommended Matching

Author learned perspective slightly >>>> white vest, sexy and charming. Fluorescent yellow printing to break the monotony, add a bit of vitality. Vertical stripe high waist shorts were thin so better, belts and more is to play a finishing touch. Don’t afraid of the expensive cost of the clothing, you can wholesale cheap clothing online.


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