Five common mistakes bloggers make - Learn how to fix them

Posted by AppMySite on September 3rd, 2020

Blogging is an art that has developed into an organized profession over the years. Technology has been a driving force behind this development and continues to influence and shape it further.

The advent of mobile phone technology has changed this industry a lot. Bloggers are enjoying popularity, success and growth like never before.

In fact, the proliferation of smartphones and easy availability of cheap internet data plans and services has increased the content consumption globally.

Online mobile app creators like AppMySite have made it easier for any business or service owner to tap into the mobile market effortlessly.

However, even amidst many relaxations, the challenge is constantly growing. The competition is tremendously increasing. Clearly, you cannot risk committing any mistake in these edgier times.

Explore the blog further and find out the mistakes you might be unknowingly making as a blogger. Stay tuned and also find out the tips and solutions to fix them.

Five mistakes to avoid as a blogger

The following things are a big “no-no” and can lead to a drastic setback in your blogging business:

#1: Not writing and posting regularly

Having a laid back attitude is the biggest drawback in the blogging business. If you want to be at the top of your game, procrastination can become your biggest enemy.

In fact, bloggers who post regularly get more traffic than those who post occasionally. It is suggested to have a publication calendar and follow it sincerely.

Solution: Create a publication calendar and stick to it. Post content regularly without fail. In fact, drop anticipated teasers and keep your readers waiting for it.

#2: Not making the content dynamic

Not having a concise, clear and creative writing style can also turn people off. No matter how informative your blog is, just writing vanilla content is not going to take you anywhere.

In order to go places, one must have a dynamic approach and think outside the box. Increasing the readability, attractive appeal and virality of your content is significant.

Solution: Take your content presentation style several notches up. Post content that has a problem solving approach and include creative elements like images, videos, gifs, URLs, etc.

#3: Not promoting content on Social Media

Most bloggers focus on email marketing which is good. However, just sticking to content marketing or email marketing is not going to be enough.

Expand your horizons and explore different avenues. The truth is that even social media can acquire good leads and profitable business, and attract serious readers.

Solution: Harness the multiple social media channels to market and promote your content to a wider reader base. Also use the customized promotional tools for publicity and marketing.

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#4: Not communicating with the readers

Communication is the key to success in any business. As a blogger, if you do not have good listening and observation skills, all your knowledge can go in vain.

As a content creator, you cannot and should not undermine the views and feedback of your customers. Even criticism can help you enhance and get better every day.

Solution: Develop the communication strategies and interact more frequently with them. Respond to comments, ratings, reviews and feedback, and engage readers with a personalized approach.

#5: Not having an app for the website

In today’s day and age, not having a widespread presence in the mobile world is a huge setback. Any blogging website is incomplete without it as an app turns visitors into regular readers.

While websites help in introducing your blogs to readers, you will need an app to keep them coming back for more. As users are more tied to their smartphones, an app also increases the chances of conversions.

Solution: Sign up for an online mobile app builder and build an app for your blogging website. Reach out to the mobile friendly readers and be just a click away from them.

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Wrapping up!

This was our brief guide to help you fix the loose ends of your blogging business. We know that it can be overwhelming as an individual blogger for you.

But we are sure that with the right strategy and guidance, you can ace it. For more details, you can also refer to our otherblogs. Learn more about the blogging app industry, and grow. 


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