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Posted by AxelPrice on November 11th, 2013

Have you ever heard of DwDrive? Do you know how it can help you out? Are you interested to find out more about Hosted Sharepoint or about Online storage? Well then… get ready to be amazed by the wonderful services provided by the experts from DwDrive!

What is great about Hosted Sharepoint is the fact that it enables you to establish online forms, as well as workflows which create secure areas for your business to service your customers. It is interesting to point out that it enables you to produce management information and even add data from sources in the external field to this end, if it is necessary. With the help of Hosted Sharepoint, you can definitely offer your users a business collaboration tool for sharing data, documentation, and information all throughout your company, association, organization or large enterprise. In this way, you can allow the users to work in a more efficient manner and organize themselves better.

A fantastic company such as DwDrive can offer you SharePoint 2010 through the platform so that you can save up a great deal of money and also deal with all the other tasks, namely Online storage, hassle of purchasing, installing, managing and maintaining hardware and software at your premises. It is interesting to point out that Hosted SharePoint 2010 enables you to incorporate the best possible working practices, have a great work ethic, follow all the trends and evenallow your organization to design your own intranet, extranet or online portal. How great is that? 

Furthermore, users can always design blogs, websites, set up and deploy company surveys, monitor business projects and also share a wide range of information across their business. All in all, Sharepoint represents the most reliable, competent and also tremendously helpful solution for anyone who struggles to find field agents, home workers and/or partners in order to set up a collaboration. If you want an office-based workforce with secure access to confidential data, versioned document changes via an ingenious check-out and check-in procedure and more, then you definitely have to talk to the experts from DwDrive about Sharepoint! You have to keep in mind that all the essential content will never be lost.

Here is basically what is included in the DwDrive Hosted Sharepoint 2010: 1GB shared storage, 10 user licenses, 40 SharePoint site templates, Intelligent self-service control panel, cross browser compatibility, windows mobile access, advanced search tools, Windows mobile access, integration with Office, Outlook, Dynamics CRM and Lync and so on and so forth. If you are interested in finding out about DwDrive’s Anywhere Online storage, backup and collaboration platform that enables people to work from basically anywhere, then you are recommended to come to!

If you are interested in the Hosted Sharepoint, which enables you to collaborate between users, manage documents, search content, publish reports and so on and so forth, then make sure you get more details about it by going online, to! You can also get more information about the Online storage collaborative platform! You will absolutely love it!

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