RuneScape 3 has entered a closed beta period

Posted by sarahbulaiman on November 21st, 2013

Currently RuneScape 3 has entered a closed beta period, including the promise of Runescape3 Gold, sound quality and enhance the user interface, the game's content will remain 13 years experience crafted mature gesture. About the game's number - 3, in fact, was named RuneScape 2 RuneScape maintain only a very short period of time, Jagex was rewritten in 2003, the game engine and the test period will be named two generations, but in 2004 April rewritten version formally launched, the name of the game back to the non-numbered RuneScape.

Mark Gerhard explanation is: Every week, we will update the content for the game, if a player of the game status and compared to RuneScape Gold, he will find that there are significant differences between the two, but the other side of this approach that is, make the game lacks a landmark event declare its updated reality, this naming is expected to enable new players to join them.

Given RuneScape has a huge user base, the player has been so difficult to reach Jagex headache problems - some conservative players do not like or customary updated content, each patch may be criticized as the worst part of the player's updates Even in 2008, they had released HD quality version is no exception - was met with a large number of players Jagex protest, and protest the content is actually better material, or we do not need full-screen function, which, Jagex had re-released in 2007 for players to choose low-quality legacy, to date, there are still thousands of RuneScape paying customers in 2007 using low-quality legacy clients.

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