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Posted by sarahbulaiman on December 5th, 2013

Furthermore, chickens are numerous in numbers and they can be found at a lot of places around Runescape. They are very easy to Buy RS3 Gold and they are the best exp farming monsters that a level 3 or a newbie can expect and even high level players come to farm on these chickens. Chickens can be found in lumbridge opposite the dairy farm and between lumbridge and draynor village, and also many other places.

As for me i (i am a level 86 RS player), i tend to get around 3 thousand feathers before i go fly fishing in barbarian village (currently being called gunnarsgrun or something) and that will net me around 50k exp per hour provided if i drop all my catches, which is a lot of fishing exp for me. I will level up in around a few hours (as my fishing level is 70). Normally i would tend to fish myself or if i am able to find a friend or a random stranger to be my runner, it would benefit him also. A runner is someone who pick up all the fish i dropped, or i trade him all my fishes, and he will run to the nearest bank to deposit all the fishes in.

Probably the best way for beginners to train and powerlevel in Runescape is by killing cows. At every instance, there is always a lot of people at the cow's farm in Lumbridge, regardless of the server. The cow farm in Runescape is always very crowded. Therefore, this article is written to explain to readers the use of cow-killing in power levelling and earning money.

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