Fifty Shades Of Grey Heats Up!

Posted by FiftyShades on December 19th, 2013

There is no rocket science in guessing that when you put two extremely good looking and hot individuals in one place, sparks are bound to fly. And that is precisely what happened when Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan appeared on the first day of the shoot of their forthcoming move based on the literary adaptation of the somewhat titillating novel by Erica James, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. The first day of the shoot was the contract scene which is important and has its own implications in the novella and the script. It is in fact the scene which will set the ball rolling for the couple to take their matters further into the Red Room of Pain.

Quite contrary to popular belief, the couple was seen only sharing a small peck on the cheek and they have miles to go, it seems, before they can take the matter into the bedroom and get rid of all the excess baggage (read clothes). The scene was shot in a cafe outside the offices of the self-made billionaire, Christian Grey, and probably because of the cold in Vancouver, both of them were dressed impeccably which left fans wanting more (read less clothes). In fact it was so cold that night that the actors had to don UGG boots and quilted jackets (and not themselves) to keep them warm. The scene ended with Anastasia walking out of the cafe, with a brown envelope in hand and before she got into the car, planted a small peck on the rugged cheeks of her fellow actor, who held her arm, but did not look at her.

His steel, cold eyes and her red pout combined to give a surreal effect to the evening. It almost looked like a love story was brewing somewhere, as against the common notion that this story it as stoic as can be, it has no element of love in it; at least the character Christian Grey does not feel it. Under the watchful eyes of the director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, the actors were able to bring out the confusion and the dilemma that crossed both their minds about embarking on a purely sado-masochistic relationship. While Christian Grey is no stranger to pain and S & M, the freshly graduated college student Anastasia is a virginal beauty who was about to delve into an unchartered territory.

But if the 50 shades of grey story begins with a peck on the cheek, we all know how it ends. At least the people who have read the trilogy know that this peck is only the tip of the iceberg of what is going to follow suit. The plotline calls for an uninhibited show of skins and to make it pleasing to the eyes, both the lead actors are following a juice diet to stay in shape. Both the lead actors are not aghast at the storyline or the portrayal of skin in the movie and they agree that sometimes being a little naughty can be and is better for any relationship.

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