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Posted by maryparker on December 19th, 2013

Many IT professionals face stagnation in their career because they ignore the fact that they need new certifications. The information technology domain is one of the most dynamic in the world where changes happen almost at the drop of a hat. There are thousands of IT companies in the world and large companies like Cisco, Microsoft, IBM and HP constantly come up with newer products. For someone to be able to handle large IT projects it is a requirement that they clear certifications. However, one needs to study hard and also have access to the right IT exam material so that they are able to clear their tests. But then a better option is to pass without exam.

Of course the moment you hear that you don’t need any IT exam material and a certification pass without exam you are bound to think there is something wrong happening here. All this while you had the notion that to get certified one has to appear for exams and there can be no replacements for a candidate. But the truth is something different. Given below are the answers to some of the most common queries that people have on this topic.

Isn’t this whole practice illegal? Are we talking about an online course?

This practice where you pass without exam is not illegal in some countries. In any case the location isn’t mentioned on the certificate. This is not an online course and you are not given any IT exam material. A professional appears for the test on your behalf and upon clearing the test you get your certificate mailed to you.

From where can this service be accessed?

The service can be accessed from any country. For payments from foreign countries one just needs to look at the available payment options.

Are these certificates authentic?

The certificates are completely authentic. After someone clears the exam on your behalf you get your certificate mailed to. Everything is in your name and anyone can check for authenticity. As mentioned above the certificate only has your name and doesn’t mention any location. As long as you mention the right contact details there is nothing to worry about.

Can you appear for the exam after going through the IT exam material?

This service is not about any online course. You can go through the available certifications and choose one as per your convenience. It is best to choose certification for a topic you are conversant with. This is how you can make practical use of your certificate and have a brighter career in IT.

What is the guarantee?

The guarantee is that the professional that appears in the exam on your behalf will for sure clear the test. Otherwise you get full refund. There cannot be a better guarantee than this.

So forget your IT exam material and instead look at professionals that can help you pass without exam. The moment you have your certificate you can look forward to a better career in IT.

Are you desperately seeking the best IT exam material because you have an IT certification test coming up? Consider the situation where you can pass without exam and get your choice IT certificate mailed home.

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