Awesome Toggle Clasps And Other Basic Jewelry Fasteners

Posted by adortalukdar on January 9th, 2014

The clasps, like the toggle clasps, are components of jewelry design that allow the two ends of a necklace, or bracelet, to be joined together. These fasteners are essentially critical elements in the jewelry making industry. Not all clasps are toggle clasps, there are actually several different versions used to hold these items in place.

Hook and eye clasps are a common fastener used on necklaces. These fasteners have a ring on one side of the piece and the opposite side has a hook. To connect the two ends of the jewelry piece you are supposed to slide the hook through the ring on the opposite end. The weight of the item of jewelry is supposed to keep the hook from sliding back out of the ring.

Lobster claw clasps are a type of jewelry fastener that locks together instead of relying on the weight of jewelry to keep the ends together. On one end of the piece of jewelry there will be positioned a jump ring, a split ring, or a wrapped loop. On the other end of the piece there will be a claw styled clasps that has a trigger that must be engaged in order to open the clasps. You simply slide the trigger to the side and this opens the clasp. While open you position the clasp over the ring on the other end of the necklace so that when you release the trigger the arm that closes the clasps will be positioned in the middle of the ring.

Toggle clasps rely on the weight of the jewelry you are wearing to keep them closed. Toggle clasps have a ring on one end of the jewelry piece and a straight bar on the other end of the piece. When you want to attach the two ends you turn the bar so that it can be slipped through the ring, and once it is through you turn it again where it cannot easily slip back out. These fasteners are often made very decorative so that they become a part of the piece, and are not something that you wish to remain hidden.

Sliding tube clasps have two tubes that are designed so that one slides into the other one creating a solid connection. Some of these tubes are magnetized so they hold together more securely.

The S-hook clasps are two hooks that resemble an “S” and are capable of hooking to each other to hold the jewelry item connected. You apply pressure and slightly twist the clasps to open the sections.

Spring ring clasps rely on a trigger mechanism to pull a wire from an enclosed tube. This triggered clasps section is on one end of the jewelry piece and a ring is positioned on the other end. The trigger is pulled so that the wire goes into the tube leaving an opening. The opening is positioned over the ring to create a link. The trigger is released so that the wire comes out of the tube and connects the two sides of the clasps around the ring.

Toggle clasps are one of the many different styles of fasteners used to create jewelry. Toggle clasps rely on the weight of the jewelry piece to keep them closed. You can get more information from Jewelry Clasps.

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