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Posted by SharonEvans on January 13th, 2014

Most of us know about online storage of data. Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and Dropbox are some of the biggest names in the domain of online data storage. As individual users we delight in the fact that we can store our photos and videos online without eating up space in hard drives. Organizations also use the same storage capabilities, albeit at a different level altogether. Microsoft SharePoint is one of the best known collaboration tools that organizations use. With hosted SharePoint you get the full capabilities of this collaboration tool without bothering about its management.

It is said that hackers are among the best technology people because they can get into any website or any application on the web. Apparently no amount of security is enough to keep hackers at bay. And we have seen evidences where hackers entered into a website and caused mayhem. But those that manage data security are not exactly duds. These experts also posses the same, if not better, technological capability to handle confidential data. When an organization entrusts such data security experts to manage online storage they are more than capable of handling client requirements.

There are two huge benefits of online storage. The first benefit is that all the data is stored on the cloud. This means an employee can access business data from anywhere and from any device with their login credentials. The second advantage is that with storage on the cloud there is no dependency on individual hard drives. Even if an employee has their laptop stolen or damaged no data is lost because it is backed up in the cloud.

Hosted SharePoint also allows the same functionalities where one can create online workflows and forms and share these with clients in a secure environment. If a team is working on a project and the members of the team are based out of different locations they can easily collaborate using hosted SharePoint. Apart from collaboration SharePoint also allows content search and management and offers a range of tools for employees to manage work on their own.

An excellent reason why you would outsource online storage and hosted SharePoint is because you are free from managing anything. The vendor will manage these applications for your business and they will ensure that the right people have access to the right data at the right time. There cannot be a better solution.

Modern organizations deal with multiple Gigabytes of data and they cannot afford to lose even a single byte of data. They need total data security and at the same time they need to have their employees access business data from multiple locations. Online storage is one of the best solutions for saving data on the cloud so that every employee can log in from anywhere and access the data for work related purposes. And with third party hosted SharePoint enabling you to manage data effectively, both internally and externally, the efficiency of how your organization works can go up by quite a few notches.

Organizations need teams to communicate and collaborate better. This is possible through hosted SharePoint and hosted online storage.

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