You go out and you level up

Posted by sarahbulaiman on January 21st, 2014

Along with the innovative UI system was an innovative class system.  In most games you pick a race and you pick a class.  Then you go out and you level up.  Then at some point you pick out ffxiv gil.  And if you don’t like that specialization build you can go make another different one.  The classes are made flexible with three different styles of play so that if you don’t like one you can switch to another.

Final Fantasy 14 was a game without classes… to an extent.  Each character could play every single class in the game.  They had this quirky armory system that allowed you to transform into a different class every time you equipped a weapon that isn’t of your class…. did I mention this game has 18 classes?

See when you go to the character creation screen you get a chance to read about all the classes and what they do.  This gives people an idea of how they should play their class and what they should be getting for their class.  A game where you learn as you go means you’ll have no idea what stats, spells or play styles will favor each class.

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