3 Things You Probably Didn?t Know About Commercial Propane Gas

Posted by ThompsonGas on February 15th, 2014

For more than a century, commercial propane gas has been used for a variety of purposes in different countries. Many aspects of commercial propane have changed over the years, including the methods of extraction, production and LPGdelivery, but the gas itselfhas essentially remained the same. The purposes for which the gas is used have evolved and changed,too. Today many industrial processes in different parts of the world are powered by commercial propane gas. Below is a list of three things about commercial propane gas you may not know.

-                      Production vs. delivery; there are some companies that are directly involved in the extraction and production of commercial propane, and there are others that are purely involved in its distribution. There is yet a third group of companies directly involved in doing all of these. Such companies not only produce gasbut are also directly involved in its sale and delivery to the people who buy it.

-                      Delivery methods; there are two main ways through which propane can be transported from its source and delivered to the people who will use it. The first method is road LPG delivery. Here, large trucks are used to physically transport the gas to buyers. For consumer home propane, the gas is usually delivered in small cylinders. However, commercial propane gas delivery requires either the use of large gas cylinders or the direct offloading of the gas from the large tanks on the backs of the trucks. The second method of LPG delivery involves the use of gas pipes or gas lines. The gas pipes are laid down leading directly from the source or supplier of the gas to the place where it is to be used. The gas is then pumped through these lines from one end to another. Although much faster and very cost efficient in the long run, this option is not very popular because of the many underlying dangers and logistical challenges.

-                      The prices of commercial propane; the cost of buying commercial propane tends to differ from one propane gas supplier to another. Even for the same supplier, the costs may not necessarily be constant and will be dictated by a number of factors such as the method of delivery, the quantity of the gas required and the distance over which it is to be transported. The differences in prices between different propane gas suppliers may not appear significant to those who buy the gas on a small scale, such as home propane buyers, but they become very visible and important when buying the gas on a commercial scale.

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This article was written by Krista Scarlett, communications specialist for ThompsonGas. The 16th largest retail propane company in the U.S., ThompsonGas has been family owned and operated since 1946. The propane gas dealer provides cheap propane for residential and commercial propane gas service to customers across 10 states in the East and Southeast.

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