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Below are some of the herbs that I have found that may help reduce or eliminate the symptoms of a heart disease.


.Green tea: green tea helps to keep blood pressure under control. It may also help keep cholesterol from clogging arteries. It helps to keep the harmful low density lipoproteins (ldl) down while elevation the more helpful high density lipoprotein (hdl).


.Garlic: it prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and may help heart from producing excess fat and cholesterol. A ten month study found that eating three cloves of garlic a day keeps the cholesterol down for extended periods. And because it contains Ajoene and other substances, garlic helps to keep the blood thin and free of potentially deadly clots.


.Hawthorn: it contains a combination of flavonoids that can protect the heart against oxygen deprivation and the development of abnormal rhythms. It helps strengthen the heart muscles and help the body to rid itself of excess unwanted salt and water.


.Ginger: it is an important herb for a healthy heart. Eating a little ginger everyday will help prevent heart attack. It reduces blood pressure and prevents blood clot.


.Onions: they contain adenosine and other blood thinners that help prevents the formation of clots. They keep the coronary arteries open and clear. Eating a half raw onion can increase HDL by 20-30 percent.


.Oat straw and kava: they are tonics for the nervous system.


.Alfalfa: the leaves and sprouts help reduce the blood cholesterol levels and plague deposits in arterial walls.


.Grape seed extracts: they may lower high blood pressure which can cause heart disease.


.White willow bark: it contains salicin, an aspirin like compound. It has been used for centuries much as aspirin is today. This herb can provide cardiovascular protection without stomach upset. Please do not take this herb if you are allergic to aspirin.





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