What You Need To Know About Propane Home Heating

Posted by ThompsonGas on February 15th, 2014

There are many ways to heat your home. Each home heating source has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. The most popular types are oil, electric and propane home heating. If you are looking for effective ways to keep your house warm this winter, then you should consider propane home heating. Compared to oil and electric, home propane will save you money while delivering a cleaner, higher efficiency source of heat.

The firstand probably most important reason why most people prefer to use home propane to heat their homes is because of the relatively lower costs involved. A quick glance at the current propane prices, especially residential propane prices, shows just how affordable this option is. Of course, you have to bear in mind that if you don’t already have an effective propane delivery system installed in your house, then you will first have to convert your current system which will be costly upfront. If you look at the bigger picture, however, these additional costs become insignificant in the long run.

Most propane companies in the U.S., especially serious propane dealers who value the satisfaction and comfort of their customers, usually provide additional propane delivery services to buyers. They will transport the gas refills to your own home, ensuring you never run out of propane. Some companies may charge you extra for this service while others may provide it free of charge, but either way this is one service you do not want to miss. Handling of propane during transportation is very risky and without the proper safety measures in place, a number of things could go wrong. This is why it is best to let the propane service experts handle your propane delivery.

The payment for home propane is pretty simple and direct, similar to how you pay for water or electricity. Most propane companies send bills for the propane used on a monthly basis via mail or an online billing service. The latter is definitely much faster, more convenient and more accurate since there is very little room for error. Payment for propane, however, is a whole other affair. Very few propane companies provide the option of making the payments online, an option that most customers prefer. Many companies still stick to the more traditional payment means such as sending in a check or money order. But, the best propane dealers will work with your budget and personal needs to develop a flexible payment plan that works best for you.

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This article was written by Krista Scarlett, communications specialist for ThompsonGas. The 16th largest retail propane company in the U.S., ThompsonGas has been family owned and operated since 1946. The propane gas dealer provides cheap propane for residential and commercial propane gas service to customers across 10 states in the East and Southeast.

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