Medical Billing Companies in India ? How Efficient?

Posted by Ecareindia on February 20th, 2014

With the introduction of various healthcare reforms, the US revenue cycle solutions space has been witnessing a challenging time lately. Due to this transformation, the dependency of healthcare entities on offshore medical billing companies has increased. Although there are many offshore medical billing companies operating in different parts of the world, medical billing companies in India are considered the most reliable by several healthcare entities. The prime reason is that medical billing in India is done effectively and efficiently, making it the most popular destination for offshore medical billing. Scroll down to learn how medical billing companies in India are efficient:

Efficient Cost Savings: Large investments in office space and overheads will not be required anymore, as medical billing companies in India are fully equipped. Therefore, healthcare entities can save this amount and improve their flow mechanism. Expenses related to staff-training and automation can also be saved to a large extent. A statistics report says that by outsourcing to offshore medical billing companies in India, healthcare entities can save up to 50% of their revenue.

Consistent Quality: When outsourcing to indian offshore medical billing companies, there is no place for compromise in the quality of work. Most of them are staffed with well-trained medical billers and coders who follow stringent quality control processes to ensure error-free claims submission.

Favorable Time Difference: The 9 to 13-hour time difference between the US and India makes medical billing companies in India highly favorable. They perform most back office medical billing functions during the US night time. The following morning, the US team can carry out the remaining front end work. This speeds up the claims submission process and increases cash flow.

Implementing Best Practices: Asmost medical billing companies in India handle multiple clients across the US, they get an opportunity to learn the best practices followed by each of their clients. Not just that! They cross-apply these best practices to the medical billing process of existing and new clients to improve efficiency. Also, since the teams work with multiple clients, they are multi-faceted in their experience and the healthcare entities in the US can leverage on the strength of the offshore partner to venture into new specialties or implement a new software.

Flexible pricing models:

Most offshore medical billing companies adopt 2 or more pricing models. The typical models are 1) percentage based or a success fee model and 2) FTE or per employee model. The models are chosen based on the level and extent of services to be delivered. eCare also offers other pricing models that are customized and modified based on client needs and requirements.

e-Care is one of the most reputed medical billing companies in India, which offers the aforementioned services efficiently to more than 25 clients across the US.

About e-Care India:

e-Care India is one of the renowned medical billing companies in India that promises the above mentioned benefits with total customer satisfaction. With 14 years of experience in the industry, e-Care’s 3 offshore medical billing delivery centers have been providing end-to-end revenue cycle solutions seamlessly to its clients. To know more about e-Care and its services, log on to

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