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Posted by alisonreid29 on March 22nd, 2014

Many people associate beads with junk jewelry but the fact is that those children that create bead jewelry designs get some excellent development benefits while growing up. As you get to know about these benefits you will immediately start looking for a bead shop in Tampa area that deals in wholesale- retail bead and bead accessories.

One of the biggest benefits children designing bead jewelry is that they develop better motor skills. Depending upon the size of the beads that they handle while designing jewelry different muscles in their hands get worked accordingly. When they handle large beads they develop the grasp that is similar to holding a pencil. When they handle smaller beads they learn to develop their pincer grasp and the small muscles in their hands also get a workout. At the same time they also learn to manipulate the fingers and their entire hand.

Visual skills of children are also enhanced when they work with beads. They are able to identify colors and sizes of beads. A child, when it sees beads, is able to match the design in their head with the items available. This helps the child to match a mental image with an actual task. And of course, a child is also able to develop better hand-eye coordination when working with beads.

A bead shop in Tampa area also helps in improving cognitive and social skills in children. Children working with beads are able to plan better and use their math skills. Bead projects also help children to work in groups and this helps in the development of their social skills. In fact some institutions also use beads effectively for helping children with special needs. This form of designing has proved to be very useful for such children.

As a parent you may sometimes find it challenging to buy the right beads and accessories. Not every shop offers the best range in wholesale- retail bead. But there are specialist shops that have everything you require in beads and accessories. From the different types of beads to the tools required – you find everything in such specialist stores. The name of one store immediately comes to mind because this store deals in everything related to beads. You can find this store at 7611 Ehrlich Road, Tampa, FL 33625, Phone# +1-813-920-3600, Facebook: TampaBead. This shop deals in wholesale- retail bead in all shapes and price ranges.

This bead shop in Tampa area also has its website where you get all information related to the products available in this store. You can see the entire selection of beads available in this store and also the tools that are required to create the most amazing bead jewelry.

If you have a girl child ensure you let her play with beads. Her creative side will have an immense boost as she starts creating bead jewelry. Visit this wholesale- retail bead store for the best products in this category. This bead shop in Tampa area will not disappoint you for sure.

To help your child develop various skills walk into a bead shop in Tampa area. Buy wholesale- retail bead and see how you help your child grow up better.

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