Sex Education - An Effective Step in Reducing Growing Population in Nigeria

Posted by naijaparents on March 25th, 2014

Growing population is a major concern today in all developing countries. Though a lot may be said about the reason for this fact, sex education may at least curtail the growth to some extent.

When we say sex education, as an adult, we know the consequences and drawbacks of unwanted pregnancies and babies. But our adolescents and teens may not have a care for ‘consequences’ even though they are much more informative on the subject of sex education, thanks to the internet and television. So, sex education here refers to ‘preaching’ them about the consequences, and not letting them know we are doing it, since every one of us know how difficult they can be in listening to something good.


Though the rudiments of sex education are being taught at a certain stage, with the internet age, it is essential for them to have this at a young age of 9 or 10 years. This will prevent them from having unprotected sex, and unwanted pregnancies, heartaches and another increase in the population chart. Though this is a generalized fact and not all adolescents are prone to unwanted pregnancies, the motto of ‘prevention is better than cure’ would work here very well.

In recent years, Nigeria has seen a sudden influx of teen and adolescent pregnancies, a fact which is both alarming and worrisome. When it should have been a time to rejoice and enjoy college life, these kids suffer from bouts of nausea, deal with the unwanted child and heartache. A good and open sex education can put their loitering mind to rest and teach them about sex protection.

It is not that these adolescent kids do not want to use contraceptives or nor they unaware of diseases like HIV/AIDs and other sexually transmitted diseases. But their knowledge is only limited to internet and television or sometimes secretly read books. It is like how we adults know everything about nutritious food, but do not really go in for it every day. All this can be taken care of, with the introduction of sex education in secondary school level. Though you cannot prevent them from having relationships, they can at least be taught the absolute necessity of contraceptives.

Like any rudimentary knowledge of science and mathematics, introduction of sex education would prevent the growth of the population of Nigeria and also make these adolescents more successful in their future lives. Browse the net for more information on sex education and its benefits.


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