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Posted by best4balls on March 28th, 2014

Lake balls are golf balls that have been retrieved from lakes in golf courses from around the world, then cleaned and re-sold to golf clubs and online golf ball companies. Lake balls are sorted into different brands, colour, quality and price. The term ‘lake golf balls’ is also used loosely to describe various second hand balls, including those that have been lost in the rough, as well as x-out balls or balls with minor manufacturing defects. Strictly speaking, though, real lake balls are those that have been submerged for several hours in the water (if not a few days or much longer). Water will penetrate the surface layer of the ball when it is submerged for a long time, so the core's playing characteristics are altered depending on the type and quality of ball. In general, lake balls are not meant to be used for competitive play because of inconsistencies in their performance.

Should You Buy Lake Golf Balls?

The answer to this question depends on your golfing goals. Lake golf balls may be good enough for beginners, but not for serious golfers who want to perfect their game.

Another option is to buy non-submerged golf balls. If the ball has not been submerged for a long time and it is not severely damaged, then it can be refurbished. A refurbished ball may show slight cosmetic damage, so it is professionally recovered. This process of re-covering somewhat restores its playing characteristics and improves its performance, but it will play different from its original cover.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a Grade A or a good refurbished ball and an original golf ball. Some golfers do not want to use refurbished balls because they claim that the process can change the size of the dimples, or feel and affect the overall aerodynamics of the ball itself. Many recreational golf players are perfectly happy to use grade A refurbished balls, which tend to have better quality than real lake balls because they have never been submerged.

How do you know you are buying a good lake golf ball? The price can tell you a lot. Low cost lake balls tend to have inconsistencies but are often good enough for beginners and recreational golfers who just want to practice their swing. If you are particular about flight and performance consistency, you should avoid buying lake balls that come in mixed packs containing different types and brands. However, if you are looking for good value, mixed lake golf balls that come in dozens are good enough.

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