Birthstones that carry Different Crystals Meanings

Posted by CesarMuler on March 28th, 2014

It is well known that in societies where English is the spoken language, for the 12 months of the Gregorian calendar there are 12 different gemstones to be used as birthstones. These stones carry different crystals meanings. Therefore, it is a good idea to discover what these 12 gemstones are and what merits they bestow on their wearers. It is the women who predominantly wear them and who are interested in the meanings of the gemstones and crystals.  Often, these stones are worn in rings as well as earrings and pendants. Most jewellers have them for sale and they offer relevant details about them.

Those who are born during the month of January should wear Emeralds or Garnets. Crystals meanings that Emeralds carry are communication, sensitivity, loyalty and happiness. January babies also fall under the astrological signs of Capricorn or Aquarius which are associated with many semi-precious gemstones such as Labradorite and Peridot.

For the month of February the birthstone is Amethyst; it will bring peace of mind and sincerity. This is a violet colored gemstone that can also be pinkish in color. It is one of the birthstones that can prevent its wearer from alcohol abuse as it is also known as the stone of sobriety.

Aquamarine is the gem for March however those born in March will also fall under the astrological sign of Aries or Pisces both of which vibrate to many gemstones such as Labradorite and Chrysoprase.

Diamonds and Opals are the birthstones for April. Those born in April will also fall under the astrological signs of Aries and Taurus both of which vibrate to many gemstones such as Carnelian and Rose Quartz.

Emerald is the birthstone for May. Girls and women who wear them will have happy married lives and they will be loved by their spouses. Children born in the month of May will be either the Zodiac sign of Taurus or Gemini which also have many gemstones associated with them such as Lapis Lazuli and Tiger Eye.

In case a girl is born in June she should wear a Moonstone or Pearl. She will be either Gemini or Cancer in her star sign which is associated with many gemstones such as Citrine and Ocean Jasper.

Ruby, one of the red birthstones is the one for July. When a girl wears this stone she carries crystals meanings of love, prosperity and happiness.  The July astrological signs of Cancer and Leo also vibrate to many beautiful gemstones such as Iolite and Ruby Zoisite.

Peridot is the stone for this month and a girl who wears it will be loved by others as she is wearing the stone of compassion. August babies fall under the astrological signs of either Leo or Virgo which also are associated with many different gemstones such as Prehnite and Boulder Opal.

Sapphire, Moonstone and Agate are the birth stones for the month of September.  Moonstone will enhance ones intuition and bring good luck when travelling. The astrological signs for September are Virgo and Libra which vibrate to many beautiful gemstones such as Lapis Lazuli and Peruvian Opal.

Opal and any kind of Jasper are the birthstones for October. The signs of the zodiac that coincide with October are Libra and Scorpio which have many different birthstones including deep forest green Malachite and the watery greens of Chrysoprase.

For the month of November the birthstones are Citrine and Topaz. The wearer will be a good friend and a true lover.  November signs of the Zodiac are either Scorpio or Sagittarius which are associated with many gemstones including the bright blue Azurite Malachite and the pink earthy toned Rhodonite.

Turquoise is the birthstone for December. The crystals meanings are associated with peace and tranquility. Those born in December will fall under the zodiac signs of either Sagittarius or Capricorn which are associated with many gemstones. Blue Lace Agate and Tiger Eye are two examples.

The above gives birthstones by month taken from the Modern, Traditional, Mystic and Ayervedic birthstone lists. There are many others associated with different signs of the zodiac. However, all will tell you the merits of wearing one.

If you are passionate about birthstones and their crystals meanings you have come to the right place. We strive to offer our customers a variety of models to select from.

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