3 Awesome benefits of Louvered Shutters

Posted by mickjones220 on April 4th, 2014

Window repairs are expensive. Do you often have to repair them? I know it drains your pocket out. But then, you don’t any other option, do you?

Off-course, you do have an option. Install louvered shutters. The question is, how do they help?

Here’s a list why installing louvered shutters is good idea:

Extreme Weather conditions: Storms and cold, love getting into your home. They settle on your sofas, furniture, walls etc. They bring unwanted guests like dust, cold winds in winters etc.

And...You have hard time wrestling them.

Louvered shutters offer storm protection and block dust entering your home through windows. While it is raining, these blinds let the light in and keep out the water.

Easy to install: They are easy to install. They are shutters with series of narrow small openings. These openings are attached by slanted long edges and overlapping stats.

The high user control makes these shutters awesome. You adjust the angles to allow amount of light entering our room.

What louver shutter should you choose? Variants with respect to style, colour, and designs are available with the dealers. Measure your windows accurately and then choose the shutter accordingly.

*Tip: Keep the shutters measurements an inch more than the actual window measurements. The extra inch serves the base for perfect fit and furnishing.

Custom made shutters fit the bill but ready-made shutters will cost less.

Offer privacy, safety, and enhance home decor: What you need is a house that is safe and offers privacy. The louvered shutters offer safety from storms and privacy from outsiders.

Plus, your windows remain safe in storms, which in turn save you a lot of money. You save 5% of your total expense. It might be a small number but of calculate it in currency, it is worth it.

For example,

If your budget for remodelling is $1000 every 6 months and you have been spending $50 on window repair, $100 per annum is what you lose. Installing shutters will reduce the possibility of broken window to bare minimum. Thus, you save $100 per annum.

How to choose the right shutter?

  • Keep your home design in mind while choosing shutters. Exteriors matter.
  • Check for authentic dealers in your area.
  • Get an idea from an expert about the installation.
  • Decide on your budget
  • Get, what is necessary. Limit your luxuries and focus on necessities
  • Quality shutters last long. Pick the best.
  • Choose shutters that are easy to operate and offer maximum value


Make sure to get the best. It is an investment that will save you $100 per annum. Where to get louvered shutters from? Browse, check local directories for dealers, ask experts, visit the stores etc. Keep this guide handy, when looking for louvered shutters.

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