How Bob Rothman Got His Start in Professional Gambling

Posted by BobRothman on April 4th, 2014

Bob Rothman is a professional gambler. Of course, turning professional is not something that happens right away, and it didn’t come easily. If it were easy then everyone would be doing it. Bob’s story started with him studying finance and accounting at university. He also got into computing before he realised that in order to make the big money, he needed to try something else.

Bob found that he was attracted to horse racing and decided that he wanted to become a professional gambler. He had admired John Gough when he was a kid. John was a widely known Professional Gambler from York whose gambling skill allowed him to own one of the very first V12 E type Jaguars – which was one of the coolest cars of the era and naturally created a strong motivational influence on him, then a 16 year old kid.

Bob started off by placing money for stables, other successful Professional Punters and skilled Handicappers together with information from up to 50 self-proclaimed contacts from various stables, many of the latter he soon realised were a waste of his time. One of Bob's team of handicappers was the professional punter turned odds compiler Angus Hill, who became a close friend and confidante.

Bob slowly built up a network of contacts of people involved in the horse racing industry as well as other punters. Bob used their information, unique insights as well as his own skill with money management to help himself select winners. He approached betting in a business-like manner and he began to experience massive success.

Bob Rothman was one of the most successful professional gamblers around and when bookies soon decided they no longer wanted to take his bets. He was getting too successful so he was banned by every bookie he bet with. Being the businessman that he is, he realised that he would have to change his technique if he still wanted to bring in the big bucks in the horse racing industry.

Bob is offering a limited number of participants the opportunity to learn from him. If you would like to take advantage of his experience and lessen your own learning curve, give him a call on 01932 869 400, or visit his website to learn more about him and see what he has to offer you.

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Bob Rothman is a professional gambler. Since his school days, he was found attracted to horse racing and always wanted to be a professional gambler. He created Horse Racing Tips Service and running it successfully. For him tipping is a lot different from betting. Bob Rothman has made a lot of profit in his career. His maximum tips for his client have been success and all of his clients are gaining a lot by his service.

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