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Posted by sere on November 19th, 2020

The demand for PCB in cars is increasing year by year

The automobile is the fourth-largest application downstream of PCB, and the global output value of automotive PCB is about 7.6 billion US dollars in 2018. With the increasing requirements of consumers for automobile functionality and safety and the increasing degree of automobile electrification, the automotive PCB market has benefited from this. In the past decade, the demand for automotive PCB has increased from 3.8% to 12.2%, achieving a growth rate far higher than the average growth rate of the PCB industry.

Electric + intelligent acceleration car electronic, automotive PCB market size is expected to double in seven years

New energy vehicles and intelligent vehicles are the new blue ocean of automotive electronics, which open a broad space for the growth of the automotive PCB market with volume and price rising. Compared with traditional cars, the power system of new-energy vehicles has added electronic components such as onboard charger, battery management system (BMS), voltage conversion system (DC-DC, inverter, etc.), high-voltage and low-voltage devices, etc., which greatly improves the degree of electronization and drives the increase of PCB usage. In addition, the wide application of intelligent assisted driving and the future driverless era are far away, PCB in the automotive active safety system has a broad prospect. We estimate that the global market size of automotive electronic PCB will reach 100 billion yuan by 2025, nearly doubling that of 2018.

Go new and grasp the Tesla supply chain

Due to the high technical difficulty of vehicle grade products and the stable characteristics of the automobile supply chain, manufacturers have a high threshold to enter the automobile supply chain, and once they enter, they have a demonstration effect. Therefore, PCB manufacturers who are the first to enter the supply chain of automobile enterprises are worthy of attention. Tesla is a leader in the field of new energy vehicles and intelligent driving, its first volume models Model3 has peatlands, superposition of domestic more than expected, and the acceleration of the second paragraph walk quantity models ModelY, tesla suppliers in development opportunities and leading enterprises, tesla secondary key recommendation for PCB supplier who circuit, suggest that attention in electronic wins the macro technology, etc.

Automobile electronics is one of the important demands of the PCB market

The innovation of the auto industry in recent years, mainly in the field of automotive electronics, on the one hand, Europe and the United States in environmental protection and safety and other relevant laws and regulations require the ascension of the assembly of automotive electronics, on the other hand, the rise of consumer electronics, prompt consumers to increase demand for in-car communications and entertainment function, improve the permeability of automotive electronics. In addition, the advent of the new era of automobile modernization, especially electric and intelligent, further strengthen the trend of automobile electronization, automotive electronic PCB industry ushered in the development opportunity of volume and price rise.

PCB, the mother of electronic products

The printed circuit board (printed circuit board, referred to as "PCB"), also known as printed circuit boards, printed circuit board, is with the method of digital printing, the surface of insulation and heat insulation, not easy to bend the copper-clad laminates etching processing, leave a network of fine lines, make all kinds of electronic components form order circuit connection and to relay transmission effect between electronic components and electronic components.

PCB is the substrate used to assemble electronic parts, is the key interconnection parts of electronic products, is also the electrical connection provider of electronic components, the vast majority of electronic equipment and products need to be equipped, known as the "mother of electronic products". PCB manufacturing quality not only directly affects the reliability of electronic products but also affects the overall competitiveness of system products. The development level of the industry can reflect the development speed and technical level of the electronic information industry of a country or region to a certain extent.

There are many kinds of PCB products, generally divided into the rigid board, flexible board and rigid-flexible board. Traditional single-layer PCB, double-layer PCB and multi-layer PCB are widely used in the automobile circuit boards. In recent years, the extensive application of HDI has also become the first choice of automobile electronic products.

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