Ways of playing Bitcoin on the Public Markets

Posted by juliabennet on April 13th, 2014

Using  Bitcoins has become very popular in the casino industry  and even in trading. As the Bitcoin economy expands, so do the number of ways to gain exposure to the all-conquering currency. Casinos are now allowing the use of Bitcoins   instead of cash. To play with Bitcoins in casinos, you have to trade them online. Bitcoin Casinos are in high demand these days because of the increase in popularity of Bitcoins. There are many ways to play with Bitcoins online in the public markets. Gambling with Bitcoins has also become popular because of the convenience provided by this online currency. You can easily use Bitcoin in the online environment and gamble for as long as you please.

Those of you who would like to use Bitcoins in the public markets should become familiar with h the BTX trader. This application is a product of WPCS International. BTX Trader is believed to be the first trading platform to allow users to carry out orders on five of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges. These exchanges include Mt. Gox, BTC, China and BitStamp. The application also allows users to place stop-loss orders on trades and to use various charting tools. Gambling with Bitcoins is easier than gambling with money and you shouldn’t have any hesitations when it comes to using this currency. Another way of playing Bitcoins online is to use SmartTrans, also known as ASX. This is a mining exploration company that has ventured into Bitcoin mining. The company signed its first Bitcoin mining contract in November 2013 and gave Bitcoin miners a chance to trade online.

Another way to use Bitcoins online is on Overstock. This is an online retailer company that announced its decision to start accepting Bitcoin payments.  . This online platform made a lot of sales in the first twenty four hours of Bitcoin sale. A Bitcoin Casino would benefit heavily from such online sales. The manager of Overstock announced that they are happy with the results they received from the first sale and will continue to support the adoption of Bitcoins in their business. Gambling with Bitcoins will continue to be popular in the future because of the increased growth rate of the adoption and use of Bitcoins online in trade platforms and gambling sites.

You can also use Bitcoin in the Bitcoin Investment Trust. This market is not a publicly listed security. The target market of this investment trust is sophisticated investors. The Bitcoin Investment Trust has become very popular by raising a capital of more than a million dollars. A Bitcoin Casino can benefit from such a market because of its high returns. Zynga is another public market where you can play Bitcoins. It is easier to play and trade Bitcoins as compared to currency. This also applies to gambling.

A Bitcoin Casino will benefit from the increased popularity of Bitcoins. Gambling with Bitcoins is easier than with currency.

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