Baidu a Well-Known Chinese Search Engine

Posted by Grisel Herrick on November 24th, 2020

Baidu a Well Known Chinese Search Engine:

If you ever ask any Chinese which search engine they are using, 80% of them will answer "Baidu." It is highly efficient and uniquely designed, and due to this maximum number of people go with Baidu SEM. It allows accessing certain functions and is not limited t perform a search related to image and audio files.

It is having about 80% market share and elegantly defeats other search engines available in China. It is quite different from other search engines who specialize within specific demographics. Besides, Baidu works effectively in all aspects. This is the key reason why any online business may not succeed if they don't know how to publish and present the product and services on Baidu. People usually see it as a gateway to online communities.

Stratergy Of Baidu SEM:

Initially, people used to think that the Google search engine thoroughly inspires Baidu. The rapid growth of Baidu SEM is the reason people started calling it China's Google.

Baidu and Google have certain similarities, including the design of the interface, website tools. But still, they are entirely dissimilar. They have numerous vital variations, which makes them distinct on their part, specifically when you perform search engine marketing.

Baidu provides a result named Brand Zone. This is available specifically for brands for buying their keywords, which are trademarked, and with these, they can rule the SERP. The outcomes usually comprise of media, for instance, a tabbed or we can say backlinked content. As this resulting area's size is enormous, the Brand Zone helps in precisely modifying the SERP's overall look. The category of Brand Zone advertisement is the reason which makes the positioning on page 1 quite hard, especially for the competitors.


Baidu also contains an information feed similar to Facebook & Pinterest. An information feed comprises ads allocated to Baidu's specific project, including Tieba, mobile browser & Baidu first page. The ads related to these projects will be placed at the possible highest point available above the authentic organic search results.


An organization's blog is the essential component for effective search engine marketing. This is quite important as blogs are the great content that are updated continuously. Also, they present a fascinating and high-quality image for Baidu. Moreover, Baidu comprises of an information feed specially designed for blogs. This feature allows driving a high amount of organic traffic towards your site. You have to endure that you add the blog to-Baidu's information feed.


People consider Baidu as an innovative tool, especially for advertisers for avoiding invalid clicks. It is uniquely equipped with two different modes: automatic mode and manual mode. With these modes, the advertiser will have access to more appropriate and effective results. Besides, you can eliminate malicious click.


You will see Ads bidding as one of the most struggling challenges, especially when you are a marketer. With Baidu's tool, the efficient and reliable system algorithm will help you reach the expected ranking by investing in the lowest CPC. Besides, to elevate the ranking as per competitive perspective towards a strong company, the tool will help you access the desired goals in minimal time.

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