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Posted by joelpenton on April 16th, 2014

Some people think that school assembly speakers are overrated. However, one cannot discount the value they offer when it comes to successful school assemblies. Youth speakers are not cheap, but for good reason. Not only do they have all the skills to keep children's attention fixed on the topic at hand—they are also able to very effectively convey important messages and life issues that are often hard to discuss through their well thought-out programs, their skillful speaking, and all other important elements of the activity. They are able to teach, entertain, and challenge, all at the same time.

Sadly, some motivational speakers spend too much time on the ‘entertaining’ aspect of assemblies and lose sight of the main point and purpose of the speech. Substance is very important when it comes to motivational speeches and lectures; without it, the entire activity will become futile. If you want a successful assembly where the audience will not only be entertained but also get the inspiration and motivation they need, it is important to find a motivational speaker with substance, rather than someone who might be a really good entertainer but does not say much as far as your assembly's theme or subject is concerned. Go for someone experienced and can combine humor with substance.

Connecting with children with incredibly short attention spans can be very difficult, but really skillful and experienced motivational speakers have a special gift when it comes to drawing their listeners in even when distractions are plenty. They can speak in a roomful of highly energized children and still command their attention—something that only experienced lecturers can do.

There is nothing wrong with being animated and funny while delivering an important talk. In fact, it is a highly encouraged and widely practiced technique that helps ease away boredom and monotony when it comes to giving speeches. However, the meat of the program should be heavier than the humor used to enhance the talk. A lecture must have depth; otherwise, it cannot be considered a successful program.

One way to make sure that your students truly got the most out of your assembly is by reinforcing the message either through in-class room discussions or through an open forum right after the talk. Reflecting on how the things that a motivational speaker has shared can be applied to each of the student's lives is a good way to reinforce the message.

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