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Posted by Malex Motorsports on November 25th, 2020

Every car owner knows the importance of keeping your oil pressure regulated. When it’s too high or low, the car engine’s performance will be impacted and it can even lead to catastrophic engine failure if ignored for too long. Luckily, Malex Motorsports has the best LS engine parts that provide you quality performance that can help keep your vehicle working great for a long time. By purchasing this LS engine oil pump pick-up girdle, you will be able to avoid quite a financial headache in the future and keep your car performance at its max.

At Malex Motorsports, we only sell premium parts for LS engines that are built to last. This oil pump pick-up girdle is made in Wichita, Kansas, and uses aerospace grade billet aluminum from the United States of America. What makes it unique is that it clamps down on the oil pump pick-up flange from both sides rather than just holding down one. As a result, this will significantly lessen the chance of losing oil pressure over time. Our set comes with both the girdle bracket and two bolts, so you will have everything you need to install it. The girdle works with every LS series engines as well, which gives it extra versatility.

The LS engine oil pump pick-up girdle, and other LS engine parts that we offer at Malex Motorsports, can be found at our store located in Condell Park, Sydney. We offer in-store pick-up for these items, so you can even buy it online and then get it the same day by visiting our store. This is also the cheapest option as you won’t have to pay for shipping the items to you, although we do ship items as well. If you have any inquiries about the girdle, you can call us at 0425 208 174. We are happy to go over any questions you may have about any of our items and we’re passionate about making your car run the best it can.

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