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Posted by Bharti on November 26th, 2020

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Advertising is omnipresent in our daily life: televisions, newspapers, posters, mailing, social networks. We are besieged by messages from all sides, so much so that we even talk about infobesity. Faced with this mass of information, it is therefore vital for a company to make its messages more visible and to capture the attention of the public.

The cartoon video maker has generated such animations that has transformed the communication media and have provided definite advantage.In fact, since childhood, comics have been considered friendly and easy to read with their everyday language register. Who has not read or at least browsed the adventures of Tintin, Mickey or Asterix? Comics are particularly useful for talking about sensitive or complex subjects such as disability, safety, or changing standards. Indeed, talking about sensitive subjects through comics becomes lighter without offending anyone. The Paris Opera has thus decided to talk about incivility at the Opera via a comic booklet.

The other advantage of cartoon animation is that they allow audiences to quickly identify with them. Indeed, comic book storytelling adapts to the target audience.
From the first lines, we can highlight the problematic of the target and create characters and a graphic universe that resembles them. The reader thus becomes, in a way, a passive actor in the comic strip.

Cartoon Animation can also be very effective in an internal communication strategy. Suppose a company needs to communicate the launch of a new platform to its employees. She will undoubtedly make a memo or a mailing to the various departments concerned, but very often these notes will end up in the trash without being read. Now imagine that the same company sends a mailing with a comic inside or distributes a flyer in the form of a comic strip. The scope and impact will not be the same, because the curiosity of the collaborator will be directly activated and he will want to know the content of the communication.

Cartoon Animation communication has a lasting impact

After a week, the consumer retains on average only 5% of the messages to which he has been exposed. What about comics communication? This is what the CSA Institute has been working onbehalf of Michelin. Thus, CSA estimated at 92% the rate of memorization of the comics that Michelin had used during the motor show.

Cartoons, combining text and images, use more areas of the brain than conventional text. It should be noted that 75% of the population have a rather visual memory. In addition, thanks to Storytelling, the emotion zone will also be activated: laughter, fear, surprise, sadness. Activating these different zones will facilitate the memorization of messages over the long term. 

Cartoon animation also create a recurring universe around the company's brand with the creation of characters, character traits, and an imaginary world. The consumer will thus integrate these elements into his benchmarks by dint of reviewing them. We can cite the example of the world of Monsieur Malabar or that of Michel Vaillant where a long-term relationship has been created with the consumer. 

The creation of a universe also makes it possible to make certain complex notions more accessible. So to explain the action of peptides on cancer cells, Your-Comics has located the action of BD directly within the cell. In other cases, we can create different environments to qualify what to do and what not to do. The graphic universe is there to support a message and not just for the aesthetic side. 

Cartoon Animation Series communication goes viral

One of the advantages of Cartoon Animation communication is that it is easily available in several formats.

It is also a medium that has taken the turn of new technologies. The cartoon and the strip are particularly well suited to social networks and are easily read on smartphones and tablets. We can thus have web scrolling formats or slider formats case by case. The slider is particularly suitable for Instagram and Linkedin.

The final word

Animated Cartoons are therefore asserting themselves as a real alternative to traditional communication methods and represent a real opportunity to stand out in an increasingly competitive world. The animation speaks to everyone, it popularizes the complex and created information of engagement.

In addition, from a budgetary point of view, animation remain relatively accessible compared to communication tools such as animated video or film. An explanatory comic strip can cost 5 times less than a presentation video for results that can be similar. For start-ups that are being created and have a lean model, the personalized company presentation comic can therefore be an alternative to an expensive video.

Mango Animate Animation Maker is one of the powerful software where you can get pre-designed templates which you may use or customize as per your requirement. Your audience can easily get more engaged with your content. Cartoon Videos have a tremendous power to market your services or products in a whole new and effective way. There is a drag and drop feature in this software that makes your working easy and more familiar way of doing work such that you don’t need any kind of expertise in this job.

Communication via animated video is therefore a powerful internal and external communication tool that adapts to any type of business: large groups, NGOs, start-ups or communities.

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