What are the advantages of coin-operated washing machines

Posted by hw on November 30th, 2020

Coin operated washing machines are a kind of public washing equipment, which is composed of a washing machine and a coin-operated system. The coin-operated system includes coin-operated boxes and coin-operated control circuits. When in use, the coin box identifies and feeds back coin information, and the coin control circuit controls the operation of the washing machine. It has the advantages of simple operation, high safety, power and water saving, attention to design, ozone disinfection, etc. It is an essential equipment in many public places.

With the deepening of the commercial process of washing machines, commercial washing machines have begun to develop in different directions for household washing machines. High-quality, durable, easy-to-operate, fully automated, and reduced management cost models have become an urgent need for the industry, and coin-operated washing machines have been born. Coin-operated washing machines use higher-quality motors, reducers and corrosion-resistant materials to ensure long-term normal use in public places. So, what are the advantages of coin-operated washing machines?

Advantages of coin-operated washing machines

The drum coin-operated washing machine has comprehensive functions. It can complete one coin list dehydration, two coins quick wash, and three coins standard wash according to the different needs of customers. The machine adopts CPU control to prevent counterfeit coins and tokens. The recognition rate of counterfeit coins can reach 99.9%. The special design can prevent coins and hooks. Fully protect the interests of the owner. It has a comprehensive washing capacity, the clothes are not tangled during the washing process, the washing is uniform, and the wear is small. Even the cashmere, wool, and silk clothes can be washed in the machine to achieve true comprehensive washing performance. Due to the small water consumption, high-concentration laundry detergent can be formed in the bucket, which can bring ideal laundry effects while saving water.

The drum coin-operated washing machine is more for the personal safety of consumers. The door has an automatic lock function after the washing program is opened, and the door can only be opened after completing the set program or after a few minutes of power failure. The drum coin-operated washing machine also has a more user-friendly power-off memory function. When the power is accidentally cut off during the washing process, the program can be automatically retained. When the power is turned on the next time, the program that is not completed when the power is turned off can be automatically completed, which better guarantees Consumers’ own interests.


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